Four times in one afternoon evening and a Saturday slave

I am amazed with the website I go to for finding willing cock suckers, I even found a woman this time. She wanted me to take a picture of her sucking my cock so she could show her husband but I told her no pictures. She showed up and brought an old digital camera after me telling her that phones record the place pictures were taken. She told me that her husband cheated on her and this was payback. The other three were men who I have found suck cock just as well as women.
The next day I posted in the morning without much luck but then in the afternoon someone responded to me. The guy was a bit different, he wanted some domination done to him and he wanted to suck on me for a long time. Like two hours long time. He brought some things with him which made me a little nervous, he had a hood, sort of leather like and it had a mouth prop ring in it and he also brought these four cuffs that were connected with a ring in the middle. He wanted both his wrists and ankles cuffed so he had to kneel, I was supposed to make him suck on me for a maximum of two hours and provide shots of water now and then when he wanted it. It sounded weird and to good to pass up all at the same time but after about ten minutes of assurances there he was with the hood he put on himself kneeling in my living room waiting for the cuffs to be attached. Dream come true as I emptied loads into his mouth and just enjoyed the constant cock sucking, I am not into punishment and did not force him to do any of it. There was however a very handy ring on top of the hood to hold on to while pulling his head back and forth. I slid him over to my chair and leaned him down for a while since standing was getting tiring, it worked great as I just pulled and pushed his head up and down on my cock, I think I came five times during the whole session and I must tell you it sort of hurt the next day.
I do not think that sort of thing will ever happen again, he was happy when he left but did not mention anything about contacting me again. So now I sit here waiting for my email to populate on another Saturday, hoping to get at least two to come over today.


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  • So what site is it???? THX!

  • Called Doublelist and it is like the old Craigslist personals. People post on there all the time looking for someone who can host and wants to be sucked off.

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