It jut happed

I was 22 when I shared the rent of a house with two college girls. I was shocked when one of them came into my bedroom, laid in bed naked beside me and began touching and kissing me. I was trying to avoid her kisses but ended up with her tongue in my mouth, her hand rubbing my pussy and asking if I liked it. I was embarrassed about it but her tongue was down my throat, her finger practically inside me and getting me so horny I stop pushing her away. I remember telling myself "what I'm I doing" But when she went down on me telling how wet I was, she just went crazy sucking me dry. I remember her turning around, sitting on my face and tasting my first pussy. Thought of all the fantasies I had had about lesbian sex, when she pulled my legs up in the air, licked me all the way down to my butt an berried two fingers into my anus. I remember discovering those fingers weren't hers when heard the other girl telling how tight my butt hole was. By then I was so hot and horny, my orgasm was so amazing I peed myself. Felt like a dirty slut, but I had to admit no guy had made me cum so hard. I guess I enjoyed it so much and did it so many times, I guess that's why I've turned into bisexual female and loving it.

1.1 years ago

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    • It happened to me when I was 16 at a sleepover at a friends house while I was sleeping I woke up with her eating my pussy I came twice and then she tongued my ass with her fingers in my pussy and it made me cum so hard, she asked me to go down on her I was apprehensive at first but when I got down there her scent was so sexy I just started eating her she was wet and delicious I could not get enough. I didn`t tongue her ass but I`m` in college now and its like a unlimited bi and lesbian girls and i do the oral anal thing, I am more into girls than guys and loving it.

    • The majority of people are bisexual. Some just don't know it yet

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