Matilda Part 1

"I don't think I would be a very good lover for you Matilda."
Leon's words cut her to the core.
His story of his first love had been tragic: A girl whose father didn't want her to be with Leon had been killed "accidentally" by her father. Leon had killed him, then fled to America.
She wanted to hold him, comfort him, console him. But she was just a skinny little girl in a pretty dress sitting on a bed with the man she loved, tears streaming down her face.
Tears for him and his tragedy.
Tears because he rejected her.
"Well, we can't have you sleeping in the chair anymore," she said as she wiped her eyes. He would sit in the chair wearing his gun in a shoulder holster all night, standing watch. She stood up and pulled him by his killer's hands over to the bed. Pushing him onto the bed, Maltida knew that he let her do these things, because he was about 2 feet taller and outweighed her by almost 100 lbs.
"Matilda, this is a bad idea."
"No Leon, this is a great idea," she said.
She knelt down, pulled off his shoes and socks, sliding the shoes under the bed and hanging the socks on the foot of the bed frame. She reached for his belt, unbuckling it and drawing it out of the loops with a hiss. This she rolled up and put on the seat of the chair.
Then, she unbuttoned his pants. At first, he tried to keep her from doing it, but after a stern look from her brown eyes, he surrendered. She drew his trousers down his hips and made him lift his hips to finish pulling them down his legs and all the way off. She neatly folded them and lay them across the back of the chair.
She reached for his holster and slid that off, laying it within his grasp on the nightstand. It was heavy, but she managed not to drop it. Finally, she unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it free from his arms, neatly folding it into a square and putting it on the arm of the chair.
She turned her back to him.
"Unzip me, Leon."
The hands that would never shake when he pulled his gun and squeezed the trigger or would stay steady as he deftly drew a knife to slice a target's throat now had a noticeable tremor as he grasped the tiny zipper of her dress and drew it downward. The small sound it made rose and fell in pitch with his unsteady movements.
She shimmied out of the dress, standing with her back to him clad in just her panties. She knelt down picked up the gift he had brought her a week before and as she walked to the chair, she made sure to sway her hips enticingly. She then folded her dress neatly and put it on the other arm of the chair.
Matilda knew he was watching her as she did this. She could feel his eyes on her back and lingering on her butt cheeks that had snuck out from under her underwear. She snaked her fingers under the edges that had ridden up and recovered her derriere. A quick peek downward ensured no stray strands of pubic hair were peeking out of the crotch.
She then twirled around to face him, her bob cut hair fanning around her head. She caught his eyes boring into her ass, jumping up to take in her stiff, perky nipples before finding something fascinating to look at on the ceiling.
She walked back to the bed, a little disappointed he had taken his eyes off of her. She loved it when he looked at her. She pushed him back onto the bed after putting down a few pillows for his head, scooted in beside him on his left side so he could have access to his gun with his right hand, lifted his left arm up and lay down with her left shoulder tucked into his armpit, facing away from him. Then she pulled his arm down so it crossed down her chest, his hand resting on her knee and her head on his shoulder.
"Good night, Leon."
A deep breath.
"Good night, Matilda."
She was smiling because she had seen his hardness through his underwear. Just like the time they had played dress up, she knew he had been watching her change into different clothes for different characters. She had been certain when she had dressed up as Marilyn Monroe or Madonna that she would be able to seduce him, but all he did was look confused.
She knew he loved her and wanted her, he had ran into the bathroom after watching her dressing and undressing and she was sure he had masturbated because of the sounds that she heard through the door. She had laid down on the bed, touching herself, wishing he would do something to her instead of himself.
Now she was at least laying next to him in bed, half naked. She tried pushing her butt back into his thigh. No response. Maybe if she put his hand between her legs?
She wiggled and squirmed until she had her legs apart and the palm of his hand resting on the crotch of her panties. Still, nothing. She turned to face him. His eyes were closed, he seemed asleep.
Matilda, biting her lower lip, reached over and slipped her hand into the flap on the front of his underwear, She found his cock but it wasn't stiff anymore. Maybe he was asleep.
She was about to pull her hand free when she felt his manhood stir. Boys could do that in their sleep? She knew her little brother would sometimes wake up in the morning and crawl into bed with her to cuddle, his little pecker would sometimes peek out. He didn't know what was happening, and she had always thought that boys had to be awake for that to happen.
Jake's had been small and hairless, though. Leon's was gigantic, almost as big around as her wrist. In addition, there was soft coarse hair all around it. She tried to put her fingers around him, but wasn't able to do so. There was a gap between her thumb and index of about a quarter inch now that he had stopped getting thicker.
She drew him out through the hole where she could see. Her eyes widened and her heart stared beating fast. It looked exactly like a Godzilla sized version of Jake's. Matilda knew that unlike Jake, Leon would not just slip inside her with no effort.
She put her head on his belly, marveling at his girth and length. On a whim, she kissed him there. His warm skin was softer than her lips, his salty smell and taste filled her senses.
Between her legs, her budding cleft was soaked, her clitoris was throbbing in time with her heart. She had read in Cosmo about the clit, the g-spot, the outer and inner labia, the urethra. She had touched each of her parts as she read the article, identifying them. Right now, all of them felt swamped with her juices, a quick check with her left hand confirming it.
At that moment, she made a decision. She slipped her soaked panties off, threw her left leg over his hips only wearing her ribbon choker with the sun medallion on it, straddling him like a cowgirl. That's what Cosmo called this position.
Jake had been too small to stay inside of her when they had tried it. He had giggled and laughed as Matilda bounced on him, like Annie Oakley, yee haw! They both quickly grew bored with it, and other than a little blood and a few seconds of discomfort, nothing noteworthy had happened.
She had put her panties back on, Jake had gone to the bathroom and they both wiped the blood off of his limp pee pee, as he called it. She had kissed it, and him, and they went back to playing with his cars.
This was different. Leon looked as long and thick as a telephone pole. His tip was positioned right at her outer labia, where a few pubic hairs grew. She tried to push up with her knees, but found she was too short to get the height she needed.
Matilda decided to get to her feet and lift up that way. She found that his erection could be pulled away from his belly, but would flop back if she let him go. After a few tries, she was able to get his tip to her entrance. She slowly bent her knees, impaling herself on his manhood.
There was a moment where she was sure that she was going to be hurt if she continued. The feeling of him filling her was both frightening and thrilling. It hurt a little, like stretching a muscle, but she wanted more.
She had him about halfway inside of her when she heard, "Matilda, what are you doing?" She froze.
Looking up, she saw he was very much awake, His brown eyes, his broken nose, the 4 day old stubble, God how she loved him!
"You said you wouldn't be a good lover for me Leon. Let me be a good lover for you, then."
He had taken his hands and put them under her bottom in anticipation of lifting her off of him. But her words stopped him.
"Please, Leon. I need to do this for you. I told you before, I love you."
"Matilda, what if you get pregnant?"
"Then we'll raise our baby! I want this Leon."
"Matilda, you are just a little....."
He paused. The last time he had called her a little girl, she had taken his gun and shot it out the window to show him exactly how little she really was. She also knew he loved her too. When she had put that same gun to her head to try and force him to tell her he loved her, he had knocked it out of her hand, saving her life. He had further proven his love when he had stormed the DEA building to rescue her from her failed suicide mission.

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