My Girlfriend and Her Mother

When I was 19 years old and fresh out of hight school. I took a summer job as a cook at the bar. I meet this 35 year old single mother named Karen. She worked tables and also tended the bar. She was real cool and we started hanging out after the bar close. With in a couple months we were sleeping together. We decided that we would be FWB and that we wouldn't get to serious. I was cool with that. She was hot and I was having sex all the time. This went on for a year or so and she started talking about how I would make a great boyfriend for her daughter. I was like whaaa????? So after talking more about it. I agreed to come over to her house and meet her daughter Kelly.
I went over one Sunday afternoon for a cook out and to meet Kelly. Kelly was very hot. Short like her mother but she had very large boobs. Karen left us alone to talk and I was very interested in getting in her pants since I was already in her mothers. We went out on a couple dates and ended up having sex with her at my apartment. She had such a great body and after we were done she told me that was her first time. I did it right. Oral and tons of foreplay. She let me know that she wasn't on BC but I didn't wear a rubber. I used the pull out and shot on her tummy.
So Kelly and Karen told me that Kelly was 17. I was almost 20 when we first dated and her mother had consented so it was cool. After dating Kelly for 6 or 7 months. I needed a place to live and her mother said I could move it and play some rent. So I moved in and found out Kelly had only turned 15 a couple weeks before I moved in. All 3 of us had a talk about what was going on and it all seems cool. As as time went by. Kelly is talking about getting married and having babies. I think I am in love so I am on board with this. After we decide on how long we should wait. I get a little loser about pulling out. Sometime a do and sometimes I don't. I really didn't care if she got pregnant because we planned on marrying and having kids.
Kelly must have told Karen because one day she tells me I better be for real if I get her daughter knocked up. I tell her I am in love with Kelly and I let out that It was possible that Kelly was already pregnant. She wasn't. A few months later we are sitting around the house on a friday night driving and we did some pills. We all get to talking about marriage and babies and sex. So that leads to talk about making a video. A video of me getting Kelly pregnant. So we do it. Kelly and I talk to the camera about stuff and then make out and have sex. I am all tuned up and I go for 88 minutes before I fill Kelly with baby batter.
Afterwards Karen is saying how hot that was and is watching the video. Kelly and I just hang out on the couch nude and I for some reason stay mostly hard. Well there is joking going on and hints to me and Karen having sex while Kelly films. It was kinda Kellys idea. So Karen and I start kissing while Kelly films. Kellys told me that she didn't want to so come in her mom and I agreed. It was hot. We when at it hard and I didn't last to long. I was ready to blow in about 20 minutes. I asked Karen where she wanted me to go and she said she would swallow and she did.
The next morning kelly got called into work and I drove her in. When I got back Karen was in the shower so I said good morning. There was no door on the bathroom. She said to me "thank you for last night, I needed that". I said "yes that was great, wish it could happen more". Karen says "well, why don't you get in the shower with me". It didn't take me long to rip off my clothes and get in with her. She screwed for a hour. We were doggie when i was ready to come and I told her I wanted us to face each other when I came in her. She at first said no. You are not cumming in me. I am not on anything and Kelly doesn't want you to do that. I was admit about it and she rolled over on to her back and I unloaded in her as deep as I could. We had sex a couple times over the next couple of weeks and then we stopped. We stopped because Kelly missed her monthly and a home test said she was pregnant. We were guessing that she was about 6 weeks at that time. We were excited. Then a month later, Karen tells me that she was late. A week later she also passed a home test. We tell Kelly that I got her pregnant when we made the video and she didn't question it.
Kelly had our boy and 20 days later Karen had our girl. Kelly was 16 and Karen was 37. It was a little weird at first but after a while it was cool. So after the baby was here kelly never wanted to have sex. Always to tire or something. So one night I was really wanted it and she wasn't up to it. Kelly said " why don't you go have sex with mom". She was telling me that her and Karen had talked about it and she was cool with sharing since they both had babies by me. So it went like this, I was with Kelly and we slept in the same bed. She didn't want to know about Karen and I. So we could have sex when Kelly was not around. I also had to agree with wearing a rubber so that Karen would not get pregnant.
This went on for a couple years and then Kelly wanted to get out and be free. We talked it out and Kelly decided to go to college. We got her in rolled and our boy would say at home with Karen and his sister and me.
It took about a week but soon I was sleeping in Karens bed every night and we were going at it like teenagers. The rubber thing went right out the door and I wasn't pulling out. I don't know how but we make it a year with out Karen getting knocked up.
Kelly came home to visit and told us she meet a guy and they are moving in together. I was kinda upset. But after a while and sleeping with Karen I was OK. Not long after that, Karen got pregnant. She was a little worried this time because by now Karen was 41. Well, Karen died in child birth and it was horrible. I was tore up. I had this new born and needed help. Kelly move home to help out for a while. I know this might sound bad but 2 months later, Kelly and I started sleeping together. Kelly became pregnant right away. I couldn't believe it. We even talked about ended it. But instead. We got married when she was three months. Kelly and I have been married for 8 years now and she is working on our fourth baby.


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  • Wow! Crazy story dude

  • You are the luckiest man alive

  • That’s one fucked up story

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