I think my dad is fooling around.

I recently was out in the city . As I was driving home I was stopped at an intersection . Across the street from me was a cheap motel where they have hourly rates. I saw what looked like my dad's Mercedes. I went back and sure enough it was his tag. I wasn't going to sit around and wait to see who came out. I did call my father's office and I asked to speak with him. The receptionist didn't recognize my voice . I told her who I was and she informed that my father had gone to lunch with his secretary and had not yet returned. She said she would tell him I called . I went home and kept what I knew to myself. My dad called and asked me what's up. I told him I was calling to see if he wanted to go boating Saturday. Then I said the receptionist said you were at lunch with Kelly. My dad said that he went to lunch with his lawyer and not Kelly . The receptionist was mistaken. He said he had plans on Saturday but possibly next weekend. I can't tell my mom. I didn't see anything other than his car. It very upsetting though.

1 month ago

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    • Stay out of it. Nothing good can come out of you getting involved. There are a LOT more options of what may be going on then you can imagine. If you are my kid and saw my car at motel, would you REALLY want to get involved only to find out I'm boning side women because your mother puts me up to it? Would it not be TMI to KNOW that your mother gets off orally cleaning me downstairs after I've blown a load in other married women she knows? Could you handle barging in on me and finding out that MY secretary helps me trick my wife into believing I've been with another when I haven't? Yes, I don't like to cheat. It bothers me, so when I can, I stage it so I can fake your mother out, please her and score a BJ from my wife, YOUR MOTHER! To the haters; FU! This is our life. We didn't pick it, we just have to make the best of it

    • Don't tell your mom but you can speak to your dad about it

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