Young waiter

I had been asking my wife to allow me to watch her and a young guy for sometime. After about 3 years of role playing and her flirting with younger guys not expecting it to happen while we vacationed in New Orleans it actually happened.We met him while eating dinner and he was telling us where to hang out.I saw the look in my wife’s eyes, and I knew she was totally mesmerized by him. He wanted to show us the town after wife asked him if there were any naughty places to have fun at. This really got his attention. We were both excited to meet him later than night around 10 Pm . I never expected my wife to be so attached to him right off the bat. Travis was good looking tall and seemed educated. Together they shared more of the conversation I just listened.I noticed Christie really showing interest and her smile was glowing the entire night. I saw how they cheered every time rounds of beer were bought. I loved how she totally left me out every time we entered a Business where music was playing they danced . It was getting late when my Christie feeling very tipsy suggested we leave and suggested he come back with us back to our hotel. While I set up the music in the room Christie goes to her room and changes then walks back with drinks in her hands. I noticed she is wearing a small T-shirt only and a pair of panties. As she walks by Travis admires her thick ass cheeks hanging out of her panties and compliments her. Christie then starts dancing slowly like a stripper and Travis makes a comment on her thick ass. Dancing slowly she walks over to him and starts rubbing all over him slowly. By this time I’m Rock hard not knowing what will happen. After a while of her rubbing up against him she sorta sits on his lap and gets close to him and starts to deep kiss him. While doing this her hands reach for his pants and start removing his pants. I notice his hands immediately go to her ass cheeks. This turned me on cause she loves that and I never really do that. A short time later I can see the huge bulge in his trousers. I’m a little nervous thinking this may be as far as she goes but then she pulls his shorts down and when she does this out pops a very huge cock. I have to look again because we both didn’t expect him to be so huge. She was just totally attracted by his appearance. Both of us are even more excited and surprised .. Christie just looks at me in awe!
When she grabs it I then notice how much bigger he is than me. I cannot help but think of how much bigger it’s going to grow. I’m thinking he’s at least 8/9 inches and thick. After admiring his huge hanging balls and rubbing on it for what seemed like hours Christie finally tries to fit it in her mouth. She can’t get much in but it’s very obvious she is totally into it. She’s moaning softly and passionately.I know she’s in love with it just listening to her kissing it and her deep moans. After about 20 minutes of her sucking on him she lays back on the bed and he pulls him into her and slowly she tries to guide him in. I walk over to get a better look and see him trying to get inside of her slowly inching into her. After getting about half in her the strokes start getting faster and she’s just moaing and telling me how good his cock feels. She keeps telling me she knows she going to cum. I’m Rock hard by now and ready to explode cause I’ve never made her cum in the 17 years we’ve been married.. at least not with my cock and after about another 5 minutes he’s hitting bottom and she telling me she’s coming. I ask her if she loves this and she telling him she wants his cock forever... asking me if she can get fucked by him forever.Shes looking at him eye to eye telling him how she wishes she could have his cock forever. I look at his cock going in and out of her and I see all her thick cum all over his cock. I know she’s in heaven from seeing that .Once I see her grab him and wrap her legs around him and lock tonges with him I know it’s over. She once told me that’s a sign a female gives out when she loses control and has reached a decision that the guy that is fucking her has total control of a woman.
After watching and listening to them fuck for almost 2 hours he comes several times and her over and over. After it was over I felt like I lost my wife. He was everything I wasn’t. He was younger, hotter, had a huge cock with huge balls like she loves and had such long lasting power. After he leaves we talk and I ask her how it all felt. She described it as almost coming out of her body. She said his cock hit deep inside and she felt so much sensation she never imagined and his cock was stretching her out. We fucked talking about him before you know it the suns coming out. I don’t care what people say cause size matters... especially if she is totally into him


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  • We go to resorts at least twice a year always book into separate rooms, my wife is just so good looking with a great personality she wears a see through when wet costume but prior to going in the pool dyes her pubes a jet black and puts indelible bright red ink on her nipples she sits a fair way away from the pool so everybody gets a good perv, both men and women want to sit and talk she usually gets rid of anyone she does not want to fuck with very quickly she always feels the guys virtually straight away if they are not an ample size they are pissed off real quick if they are but do not perform in bed they don't get a second chance.

  • Are you going to try the same holiday again soon ?

  • Yes we have plans to head up that way.
    I really can’t wait. She’s been really eating good and working out. I’m just hoping we have the same luck as last time and he’s endowed

  • She needs to suck u off while he fucks her doggy style and u can lean forward and part her ass cheeks and watch close up as his big cock slides in and out of her.My fave position by far

  • I agree & this time since I’ve experienced it and know what I should and shouldnt do will make it better. I’ve asked her how she feels about me being involved and she said to pick the right moment .I will join in and clean her during and after they fuck.i even want to touch and hold his cock if possible and she loves that idea. She wants me to have as much fun as she’s having

  • I hoped she let you lick that pussy clean

  • After watching some movies on men watching she made a comment about me doing that. Last time she was so into it and didn’t want to distract her... it was as if I wasn’t even there. I plan on cleaning her up and both if she’s into it at the time

  • When my wife hooks up on vacation I let them have the room to themselves and if they want a date like meal, drink's dancing etc. I go to another bar or restaurant, I do require her cleaned up and cleaned out before I see her again, for the last couple of times we have booked separate double rooms it is a lot easier, she has no problem being hit on by nice young men and women because she is just so hot and naturally sexy, only has to wear her small bikini to the resort pool and guys plus girls are all over her she virtually has to book them in but occasionally particularly with women she selects one she really likes and just keeps her for our stay. That is the only time she does others so things are just great, she does show me photos of some of them even nude sometimes.

  • The whole time I held back but as soon as he left I immediately climbed up on top of her and wow! Just the thought of how she was turned on by him fucking her hard and rough and she loved it that way had me climbing on top of her and fucking away. She loved his size and having a strange better cock in her still had both of us both very turned on. It felt very different since I had never fucked her filled with cum. I was used to cumming inside of her and leaving it at that. Her pussy felt so warm ,hot and slippery. It felt stretched but I was so turned on I came in her shortly.While I was fucking her I described what she looked like fucking him. It was one of the most intense feelings I had ever felt. As I layed next to her she continued to describe how she felt when he was fucking her. Wish I would have tried this sooner.

  • Wish my wife would have done this

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