In her drink

Some guys I know are willing to pay me to become friends with this other girl. They want me to slip something in her drink at the bar and then just tell her I need to leave. Apparently this girl has been a real bitch and caused many people to break up because of false accusations. Claimed many of these guys have cheated on them with her. I'm only afraid that if something happens it may come back on me. They promise it won't but I'm still nervous.

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  • Turn the table.. what if you found out someone was doing that to a close friend,family member of yours.Better hope someone doesn’t decide to turn you in

  • Your saying I should tell on them ?

  • It just shouldn’t be happening.

  • It already happened

  • Is that you Brett??

  • Putting any drug or chemical in someones drink without their consent is not only stupid, but criminal. Worst case scenario is she has an adverse reaction, such as anaphylaxis, and dies. You are then up for murder charges if they trace it back to you. It's best to stay away from other peoples problems, I would tell them to do it themselves and leave you out of it. If that upsets them, then tell them to fuck off.

  • Great..... you go to jail for date rape drugging her and they go home..... DUMBASS. Are you 13 and stupid??

  • They want you to do it because they don't want to get caught. No reason why they can't do it and you can. They're using you. Move on.

  • Don't do it. Seriously, you would be an idiot to agree to something like this.

  • I told them that I would not do it and they got someone else to do it

  • So what happened to the girl?

  • She ran into a bunch of guys from a prep school

  • They left her naked in the park. In front of a bunch of bum's who are living there. She's completely embarrassed now.

  • I no longer believe this story.

  • You don't have to , I was not there. I was just told that is what happened.

  • Yeah, be an accessory to a crime for no reason, seems perfectly reasonable.

  • You are being set up you fucking idiot.

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