My sister

When I was thirteen my sister, who was twenty at the time moved back home. Since our house was small, she had to share my bedroom. Since she would walk around half dressed when my parents were at work, a horny young man like myself would sneak as many peeks as I could. Which was often since she slept nude. One day after out partying with one of her girlfriends she comes home a bit wasted and very horny. She started asking me about my sex life. When I told her I was still a virgin, she said that she would give my training on how to have sex. She said that's what older sisters are for. For the next six months when she moved out with another boyfriend, she taught me everything a young man could possibly know about sex. She even told me that her favorite thing she taught me was self control. She would have me fucking her and she would have me change my rhythm so I wouldn't come as fast. She got me to the point that I could fuck for nearly an hour before cumming. I will always have fond memories of my sister training me.

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  • From a healthy, rational perspective aside from whatever is alleged to be "traditional", elder siblings indeed have a mandate i.e. requirement to instruct their younger siblings regarding sexual relations. Since the turn of the century, it is becoming more mainstream. Hopefully, it will blossom on a global scale. One needs to keep the adage in mind that incest is Best.

  • Totally agree, it is the way to learn about sex.

  • I love her attitude and how cool is she..

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