Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Helps Me Cuckold Her Husband

To learn about everything that’s been happening to the Beautiful Doctor Nausheen read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal – Parts 1 and 2,” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again;” Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time;” and “Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Learns To Swallow.”
These stories reveal a smart, beautiful, Indian wife and mother violated, repeatedly, in some of the worst ways possible. Every orifice of her body has been explored and she has been forcibly introduced to anal pleasures, swallowing seed, and receiving facials. She has also been forced to lure her husband into performing these nasty acts on her.
This story tells of the worst cuckolding Doctor Nausheen’s husband has received so far, and the part she played in making it happen.
It had been a few months since I made one of my “afternoon visits” to Doctor Nausheen in her office. It was 4 PM on a Thursday and I texted Dr. Nausheen, “I will be at your office at 5:30 PM today for another visit. Be ready for me or you know what will happen.” As much as Dr. Nausheen hated my visits, she hated the thought of me sending all of the pictures and vides I have of her and I together to her husband even more. She replied quickly, “Please, I’m begging you, Stop! I am a married woman! Please don’t visit again today!” I simply replied, “I’ll be there at 5:30 PM.”
I went to her office at 5:30 PM to find only her car in the parking lot and the front door unlocked. I went inside and locked the door behind me. I took a quick look around her office and found it empty. I saw a light coming from her personal office, walked in, and found her sitting behind her desk quietly sobbing. She looked up at me and said “What do you want this time? Haven’t you violated me enough? Aren’t you satisfied yet? What could there possibly be left for you to do to me, to my body?” The huge bulge in the front of my pants left no doubt in her mind that I wanted – needed – her again. “Stand up and walk around to the front of your desk.” She complied. She was dressed as she normally was for work – a conservative sheer blouse with a camisole underneath, a conservative skirt that extended below her knees, pantyhose, and a pair of black pumps. She wore her long black hair “up” today and had glasses on. “Take your glasses off!” She reluctantly removed her glasses and laid them on her desk. “Now, let your hair down.” Pausing for just a few moments first, she reluctantly removed several pins from her hair allowing it to fall freely, extending beyond her shoulders. “Step out of your heels and hand them to me.” Trembling, she first stepped out of her left shoe and then her right, revealing her sheer stockings and pretty red toenail polish. She reached down, picked up both shoes in one hand, and handed them to me. I opened my pants freeing, my massive and glistening erection. She looked away. I thrust my erection deeply into both of her shoes multiple times, depositing a generous amount of my semen into each. “Now turn and face away from me, remove your pantyhose and panties and hand them to me.” She quietly mumbled “No, please!” as she turned away from me. Trying to preserve as much of her dignity as possible, she reached up under the front of her skirt and started to work her pantyhose down off her hips, below her knees, and eventually stepped out of them. She laid them on her desk and then did the same thing to remove her panties. “Now, turn back around and hand me your pantyhose and panties.” She looked toward the ground as she handed me her intimate items. I smelled the crotch of her panties, enjoying her scent. I then rubbed her soft pantyhose and silky panties all over my throbbing member. She was disgusted by the display.
I ordered her to lie on her desk and pull her skirt up above her waist. She continued to beg me to leave, “Please don’t violate me again. I’m a married woman! Please!” I approached her, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her bottom to the edge of the desk. I then forced her knees apart and pushed them up toward her chest. My erection was at its peak and dripping my slippery semen. I stroked myself several times to fully coat my shaft in semen and then leaned into Dr. Nausheen. The head of my penis found her vaginal opening and I thrust fully forward, entering her completely. She let out a gasp and a cry, “Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh!” I paused deep inside her enjoying her tightness, and then I began a powerful rhythm of thrusts in and out of her. I fully withdrew on each thrust, leaving just the head of my penis in Dr. Nausheen, and then drove my full length back into her, hitting her cervix at the end of each thrust. This continued for 15 minutes until I couldn’t hold back any more. “Dr. Nausheen, you are so warm, wet, and tight for me! I’ve never . . . I’ve never released into your vagina before!” She pleaded, “Please don’t! Pull out! I’m begging you!” I thrust as deeply as possible, “UGGHHHHH!,” and began my release. She could feel the powerful pulsing of my engorged member deep inside her and she just kept repeating, “No! No! No! No!”
Once my pulsing fully stopped and I had deposited every drop possible deep into Dr. Nausheen, I picked up her cell phone which was lying next to her on her desk and demanded she unlock it for me. “Please don’t!” she said as she reluctantly unlocked it. I saw an active text to her husband and used it to add, “My husband, I am once again so very horny for you!” I hit send and waited, my penis still inside Dr. Nausheen, for a response. Within 2 minutes her husband texted back, “Well, well my wife! This is happening more and more often! You must be enjoying all of the new types of sex we are having!” I responded for Dr. Nausheen, “Oh yes my husband. I enjoy everything we do together. I particularly love it when you are in my mouth and take your release and when you push deep into my bottom and finish there. If I ever beg you not to do these things, it is all part of a fun game I like to play with you in which you force yourself on me!” He responded, “You are so naughty my wife!” I wrote back for Dr. Nausheen, “I have been touching myself between my legs all day long, thinking of you. I am a wet mess. But, I have not been able to orgasm, needing your touch to do so. I will be home in 15 minutes and would like to ask you for something special my husband.” He responded, “What is it you want my wife?” “I would like you to lie down on our bed and I will straddle your face with my wet vagina and you lick me between my legs while I pleasure you orally. Once I have my orgasm, I would like you to have yours as quickly as possible – in my butt.” He responded within seconds, “Hurry home my wife and I will give you the pleasure you seek!”
I looked down to see my penis still fully buried in Dr. Nausheen’s married, Indian vagina. I took a few pictures with my cell phone to enjoy later. I told her to get up and get dressed. I then told her I wanted her to go straight home as quickly as possible and see her husband. I told her that I’d follow her home to make sure she didn’t make any stops along the way. I also told her I’d contact her tomorrow to find out what happened when she got home. Dr. Nausheen drove straight home, I followed her and waited outside her house for a half hour before leaving.
Around lunch time the next day, I texted the Beautiful Dr. Nausheen, “What happened when you got home yesterday.” She replied, “What happened is private, just between my husband and me!” I replied, “You will either tell me or I’ll share our private pictures with your husband!” After quite a few minutes I received a very long text message from Dr. Nausheen, “When I arrived home my husband met me at the door, took me by the hand, and quickly led me into our bedroom. He removed all of my clothes and then he laid down on the bed. He told me to sit on his face and I straddled his face. I was . . . I was very wet and messy from what you had done to me earlier. He asked me why I was so wet and, fighting back tears, I told him that I was very horny for him. He began to lick my vagina and I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. He licked me for a long time, occasionally thrusting his tongue into my vagina. After about 15 minutes I could feel . . . I felt what you left in me starting to come back out of me. I tried to get off my husband but he grabbed my hips and held me where I was. He just kept licking, and licking, and licking until . . . until your . . . your sperm started coming back out of me in huge puddles. Thinking it was me . . . my orgasm happening . . . he . . . . he licked up and swallowed your sperm. After he unknowingly ate all of the sperm you placed in my vagina, he commented that he has never seen me orgasm so much. I told him that I was just so horny today.” I asked her, “What happened next?” She replied, “He then laid me face down on our bed and told me that such horny girls deserve to take it up the butt and he pushed hard into my bottom.” “Then what happened?” I asked. After a several minute pause she replied, “He . . . he pushed in and out about 3 times and then made his release. Please leave me alone! Please never visit me again! Please!” I texted back, “Are you sore today between your legs from being with 2 men yesterday?” She wrote back angrily, “You horrible man, you abused my vagina yesterday and, Yes, I’m very sore down there today. Also, you lured my husband into having anal intercourse with me. He used no lubrication so, Yes, I am sore there as well!”


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  • So many men now know my most intimate secrets and have masturbated to me. I feel filthy. - Dr. Nausheen

  • I can't get to the end of this story without spraying in my pants! Thank you! Poor Dr. Nausheen!

  • Forget the negative comments. Let's hear more. It's as good most of the stuff on here. As as for whether something really happened, well, this ain't the site you go to for reality. This is for entertainment. Don't ruin it for us who want a good story, true or not.

  • This never happened. Just some weird Indian derp writing porn, for Indians. Next time have a lower caste man do the top caste woman.

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