Nooo Mr. Kindle I'm a married Christian lady i said... I met Mr Kindle when he moved in to our condo high rise he adapted a motorized wheel chair into a shopping cart that could get all the groceries from the parking lot into the condo in one trip everyone wanted to use it but he kept it in his condo.... after getting to know him, i would stop by his unit and have coffee with him and sit by and have conversations with him .... one Saturday he bluntly comes out and says " Mrs Harrison i need to find out what your like under that dress".. i embarrassingly said no I'm a married Christian woman i'm not supposed to see another naked man but only my husband he's the only one i ever been with .. don't worry Mrs Harrison i'll blind fold you and laughed.... the following week i had an argument with my husband about his persistent golf games on every weekend .. being at home all day and the weekends were the same with him going off with his buddies to golf..... so Saturday i called Mr Kindle asking him if he needed company ( on the back of my mind lingered the thought of him wanted to see me naked )... so i freshened up and walked down the hall and knocked on the door he opened it and invited me in ...i poured myself a cup and sat at the table and was getting nervous when he admired my skirt and how gorgeous i looked in it .. i grinned and he asked me to show what was under my clothes ... when he went for another cup i raised my skirt on the chair and opened my legs giving him a peek ...he definatly approved of the view .. but said my panties were on the way ...my heart started to beat as i got nervous he gets up returns with a neck tie and blind folds me starts to kiss my neck and i started to melt he gets me up reached under my skirt and pulls my panties off i assist by stepping out of them he buries his face on my vagina and i can feel his hot breath and his mouth as he licks my lips i place a foot on the chair and hold myself up as he continues to use his mouth on my vagina getting me extremely moist he inserts one finger then 2 my vagina is dripping then he stops ... takes the blind fold off and says let's have another cup....i sat down with a loss for words my panties laying on the kitchen floor how can he possibly leave me like this ..... is something wrong i asked no it shouldn't happen to quickly he says this feeling is the best part .. my goodness Mr Kindle this is almost impossible to control he smiles and says yes it is ... i could see his extreme erection on his Nikes and was surprised at his size... Mr. Kindle i don't think i can control this feeling i tell him looking down at my cup i softly tell him .. he grabs his tie again approaches me and blind folds me again turns the chair towards him and takes my hands and places them on his waist band i slowly pull them down and his penis sprang out i found it with my mouth and let it slip in while i sucked and ran my tongue up and down his lengthy shaft after awhile he lifted my leg up and placed it on the table while i placed my other over the arm rest and his mouth found my vagina once again i held his face there ( my goodness it felt very good) he stops and then i felt him inserting his penis in my vagina ohhh my that felt good he opens my buttoned shirt and squeezes my breasts and continues to move in and out my clitoris was having a work out at the angle he was penetrating my vagina then out of the blue my vagina took control i couldn't believe that i was pushing into his penis taking it deeper and an extreme orgasm ripped thru my body sending me into incontrollable convulsions and pulling him in as far as i could he pulled out and jerked his penis spraying his sperm all over my vagina and my pubic hair.... he pulled his pants up told me not to move as he got some tissues.... he took the blind fold off as i cleaned up all the sperm he had sprayed all over ... after i cleaned up and buttoned my shirt he asks to not put my panties on .. ( i kept them off ) we went back to coffee and toast and talked about what had just happened he said i would be easier clean up if i shave .. i know my husband wouldn't like that he likes a bit of hair so i couldn't do that .. but i have a beautiful vagina it would look good without panties .. we sat on the veranda for a while till i saw my husband pull up ... i quickly went back to my unit and pretended to be doing some cleaning when my husband walked in ... then i realized that i had left my panties on Mr Kindles apartment .. when Sunday came around i texted Mr Kindle about my panties .. He replied that i don't need them and i should be proud of my gorgeous Vagina ... i never wear panties when I visit Mr Kindle and i've even completely shaved my vagina my husband has learned to like it just like i've gotten used to like his golf .....


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  • The word "I" is capitalized troll.

  • Lucky guy was wearing your pussy out

  • WTF??

  • Smart girl, you never get them back.

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