My wife dates a black man on the side.

My wife was hit on by a black guy in her office when he came for a meeting. She told me about it at first but just acted like it was funny. About a month later she was sleeping on our bed and I say a big hickie on her thigh. That night we had sex and her pussy was shaved and she trimmed but never shaved. I asked her when she did it she was nervous and just said I wasted to see how it looked. It was pretty obvious the black guy got my wife but I was not going to push her on it. Few weeks later when she had gotten back from work a few hours late because of a meeting I tasted cum breath, if you cum in a girls mouth you know the taste it’s hard to hide. Another time I went down on her after she was reluctant too let me and her pussy was like 3 times as open as it usually is before sex. When we would have sex after that and talk dirty and say love to fuck you with a black guy she would cum almost instantly. It is very much a turn on that I know a black guys doing my wife but it is troubling too. Is any other white hubs going through same life changing things with their wives and black guys?

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  • I believe that when I fuck my wife's freshly fucked pussy,full of black man cum,then my cock absorbs some of his testosterone and even for a short while I'm able to fuck her quite powerfully,cuz I'm so turned on.At least our sex life has improved greatly.

  • Good for you black guys filling your wife’s pussy is crazy exciting for me as well!

  • Notholike black guys cum in your wife. My wife will dress up all hot to duck her black man before work, I just don’t know how she can go right to work after a black sick is in her mouth and pussy?

  • If the husband doesn't put a stop to it early, there's almost nothing you can do. My wife started dating black guys about a year ago, and I could have stopped her if I had put my foot down. But it turned me on at some level and I just let it go. Now she's four months pregnant. It could be mine, because we still fuck once in a while, but if I had to bet any more than ten dollars, I'd have to bet I'm not the father. I should have started divorce procedings, but it looks like I'm just going to let things play out. If the baby's biracial, well, I don't know what I'll do.

  • Yes same here i got addicted to the trill of her with black men and shes did the same. now like you said no way to stop it black men really changed her outlook on sex. as far as the kid you like me let it go so i think you should do what you wife thinks you should do.

  • I probably will, but there will be a lot of explaining to do when family and friends see I'm not the father

  • Yes my wife does the same thing and refused to stop. She likes big black cock and is addicted to it. She has had two black babies with her black lovers that I am raising. I love the fact that she does what she wants and I love go down on her after she has been fucked and cum in. Her pussy is streched out now and I love the feeling of how loose she is. Get use to it because once they have big cocks they will never stop. Just let her do what she wants. You should have her do it at home and watch through the bedroom window while she fucks a big cock. So much fun to watch!

  • How do you cope with everyone knowing your not the father. I may we'll be facing a similar situation soon (not sure if I'm the father or a black guy, and I'm probably not). I won't know how to react. Do people ask nosy questions? What about your family? How did they take it? Not disapproving, just asking

  • Same here as far as stretched, and i do love how her pussy does not close like it used too. when she gets home i loves cleaning her and just can't believe how open she is now.

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