My first gay experience

I have never considered my self as being gay , more of a sensation seeker . I had experimented with dildos for a while even on web chat , so a visit to a local cruising spot seemed like a natural progression. I have a passion for large dildos and the thought of being used by someone was extremely exciting to me . Im pretty fit not over weight and keep my self clean and smooth. I had prepared well for my evening even had a little practice with my dildo . A thick foam dildo about 13" long I was very capable of taking it all inside me ( I did say I had a passion )
The spot I had chosen was well known for men fumbling in each others trousers in bushes , there are a couple of shelters dotted about . It was late autumn and dark . I had on just a track suit and slip on beach shoes and a bag with a towel some KY and my dildo.
I made my way along the parth shaking with anticipation. As I passed the second shelter a figure moved out of the shadow and quickly disappeared down the path infront of me . I stopped and turned toward the shelter . An older guy slightly overweight was hovering just inside . He stepped towards me . What are you looking for he asked . Now or never I thought . I pulled out my dildo . I want you to fuck me with this , I said .
He looked at the huge dildo . Jesus he said .
I stepped in behind him . As he examined the dildo . I was naked in seconds and feeling incredibly aroused .
I took the dildo and smothered it in lube then placed it back in his shaking hand and turned my back to him . He didn't disappoint me . I felt a finger running across my backside and finaly working inside me . Then the head of my dildo slowly easing between my buttocks. I was desperate to feel it inside me a grabbed his hand pulling the dildo into me .
He seemed supprised I could take the thick shaft and kept repeating jesus over and over . Slowly oh so slowly he worked my toy inside me .I was in heven I was slowly pumping my swollen cock .I didn't notice the second guy return untill he grabbed my cock and started frantically wanking me . I pushed hard back on the dildo forcing it deep inside me . Reaching around I grabbed the guy behind my by his cock and with my other hand the guy beside me and started pumping away . The dildo was now deep inside me and I rocked back and forward on it forcing it into me .I felt a plam flat against my ass as the dildo eased home .I came instantly followed quickly by the two guys . It took a couple of seconds to steady myself. Then I eased the huge dildo from inside me . It was only then I noticed two more guys standing outside the shelter cocks in hand . One moved in behind me placing his hands on my hips . I stepped away and told him .Not this time enough for tonight . I have often thought what if I had let him fuck me or all four maybe?
But I will save that for next time .
I plan on going back next week so we shall see .

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  • Play with your dildo before you get there to get yourself ready. When you get there don’t let yourself cum until you are ready to leave. Let the guys fuck you all they want, you will love it.
    I get myself all worked up before I go out and even though it’s hard I won’t cum until I’m ready to go. That keeps me in a feeling where I can’t get enough hard dick inside of my ass.
    There’s nothing like the feeling of a real, juicy, hard, thick dick working in and out of you.
    Feeling them shove it completely inside of you, then feeling it start throbbing as it shoots cum deep inside of you!
    I truly want to hear about your return trip.

  • Part 2 please

  • I will be sure to let you know how things turn out x

  • I have been experimenting with large hollow dildos. I plan on another visit in just a few days . So once part two has happened. I will let you know . I'm definitely going to enjoy the making of my next confession.

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