Cheating on Saturday Morning

My wife had taken the kids to soccer one morning. I was home alone catching up on some work. We've been friends with this couple for years. She is a seamstress and has been taking up my work trousers for years. Off the rack trousers are always too long for me so she takes them up so they fit perfectly.

She dropped in unexpectedly with a pair of trousers she had just taken up for me. They're always perfect but this morning she insisted I try them on. I thought maybe these trousers were different and she needed to check something. I don't know but I didn't think much of it.

I went into the bedroom to try them on and she followed me to the door and smiled and gave me a funny look before I went in and closed the door. She called out through the closed door to put a pair of work shoes in so she could check the length.

I was standing there in my underpants and t shirt when she came in, just about to pull the new trousers up. I was shocked and embarrassed but she just laughed and told me she didn't think I was the shy type. I quickly pulled the trousers up.

She picked up a pair of my work shoes, knelt down on the floor and put them on my feet while I just raised my feet one after the other. I was wondering what the fuck was going on because she seemed a bit weird, smiling all the time and just acting weird.

She was on her knees in front of me, she studied the bottom of my trousers, checking the length and how they sat on my shoes. She took hold of each trouser leg in turn and tugged them, I don't know why, maybe to make sure they were falling straight.

I looked down and gasped in shock. She was on her knees leaning forward. She was wearing a simple summer dress, fairly short and loose fitting. The dress had fallen open from the way she was leaning forward and I could see down her dress, I could see both her tits, her nipples, her bare stomach, I could see right down through her dress to the floor.

Now, she's not bad looking. She's pretty but she has a big nose which my wife calls her 'dick nose' in her bitchy moments but in a nice way. Like 'She's pretty but it's a shame about her dick nose.' She's short, slim almost skinny with small breasts just like my wife but looking down her dress I saw that her nipples were much bigger than my wife's. They were big, dark brown, very suckable looking nipples that surprised me. They didn't look quite right on those little tits.

"I'll just check the inside leg." She said, the smile gone.

She ran her hand up the inside of my right thigh all the way up until the top of her hand was pressing up against my balls.

I freaked out. I grabbed her and sort of threw her onto the bed. She just sort of curled up on the bed and looked at me but didn't do or say anything.

I thought OK I shouldn't have flung her on the bed but it's OK. She can just get off the bed and walk away and no harm done. Or I could just walk out of the bedroom and no harm done. But neither of us moved.

Then she took her panties off. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't until that moment that I realised she wanted to fuck. We'd been friends for years, her husband and I were very close friends, she was very close with my wife, we were all very close. I'd checked her out in the past but I'd never thought about fucking her.

She took her dress off and suddenly she was naked, up on her knees and I wondered how the fuck had this happened. I looked at her nipples and thought fuck, they're big, chunky nipples for such small tits and such a small woman.

Then it was like I went crazy. Completely crazy. I fucked her like I had never fucked a woman in my life and she fucked me back just as crazily. She thrust her hips, bit me, grabbed me, pulled my hair and went as crazy as me. She kept yelling 'Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me harder."

Afterwards, like I was in shock, I said. "That was the best fuck of my life."
"Ohhh me too." She said like a moan.

You'd never believe she was such a wild fuck to look at her. She looks so ordinary. Like an ordinary housewife, not bad looking, not sexy, not really hot but OK looking apart from the nose.

I don't know if it was a one off thing or if it will never happen again. I hope not because it could really fuck things up but every time I see her now I think about it, think about the way she ran her hand up my leg, how I saw down her dress, how she took her panties off when I threw her on the bed and the way we fucked and I get a raging hardon that's almost painful until I look at my wife or her husband and my cock shrivels up in shame.


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  • I didn't use to have any sort of a conscience when I cheated. I'm glad I do now because a roll in the hay isn't worth hurting those that love and respect you.

  • You're obviously fat, and this didn't happen.

  • Great story. You should definitely hit it again.

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