I have watched my adult Step Daughter throught a window

I watched my adult step daughter undress many times as I watched through the window of her bedroom and masturbated. I know I should feel guilty, but the truth is I still masturbate thinking about it. I have rubbed her feet and legs for a while and then left the room and masturbated.

My wife, her mother, caught me one night as I watched my step daughter in just her panties in her bedroom. That was the most intense orgasm I have EVER had, getting caught and also seeing the scene I did. The getting caught and my orgasm happened at the same time. My wife also caught me one day when she came home from work massaging my step daughter's feet, and just when my wife walked in the door I spontaneously put her big toe in my mouth. My wife was already aware of my foot fetish. Needless to say that didn't go well.

My wife and I separated a short time after that and then after six years finally divorced. My Ex and I still see each other and are intimate. We talk every night and go on vacations and weekend trips together. My Step is now in the Air Force stationed in Korea and my ex has her dogs. My Step has gotten permission to have her dogs with her in Korea but there's no one to take them on the flight over. I volunteered to take the flight with the dogs because I want to repair my relationship with my Step. I'm afraid that if I do go I'll still feel the same way about her, and just so ya'll know I still think about my step daughter when I'm having sex with my Ex.

I love my Ex, but I'm so consumed with my step daughter, even after 8 years, I know this is weird but I don't know what to do, and that's my problem, I know what I WANT to do.


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  • Sick fucks

  • Dude your a peeper and a sicko

  • I have been watching my step daughters through their windows for years. All after they turned 18 but needless to say since then I have watched and masturbated a lot of times while watching. I have been able to watch them masturbate on their bed while watching through the windows as well. My wife knows I do this and encourages me to keep doing it. She has watched with me and I have even fucked my wife while she was peeping in. I always know when to go peep because when they shower they always stay naked with just a towel wrapped around them as they walk from the bathroom the their rooms. So right as the shower turns off I simply just go outside and wait for them to get inside the room and close the door. As soon as the door closes they drop the towel and get ready for several minutes naked. Plenty of time for me to Jack off. My wife has even viewed our daughter and her husband having sex through the same window when they visit us now.

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