When you are young it's one thing, when you are old another

My old boss had a habit of grabbing my ass or my tit, especially if I wore a dress. He liked lots of cleavage and getting a glimpse of my nipple. He called me names, dirty names like cunt and bitch. I answered him back and told him he was an asshole or a jerk. Bui I sucked his dick and swallowed, I bent over for him, I gave him open wide pussy. I liked how he grabbed me and called me a little cunt. I liked to get his dick out of his pants to suck him. I was a little bitch then and let the boss fuck me.

But I'm 44 now and those days are memories. I found a man and got married but it fizzled out pretty quick. At least I got a car out of it. My current boss is 66 and he puts his hand on my head and tells me to suck him. He has a nasty old dick, and I have to spend the first few minutes cleaning his dick with my tongue and saliva before sucking him. I let him take my panties off me, lifting my dress above my waist and fingering my panties down so I can kick them off and he can save them in his panty collection.

I let my current boss fuck me. It all started with going out for a drink, and him leaning over with his hand all the way up to my crotch and telling me he was going to fuck me. We went back to my apartment, he took my panties off and I spread my legs open for him. At my age you can't be picky, and an old man fucking you is much better than using a vibrator. I need the weight of a man on me, his dick in me, the smell of his sweat. I'll darn his socks if he wants me to. Waking up on a weekend with his semen in me means I got lucky last night. I love the musky smell of his balls and if he lets me, I will kiss his ass.

I don't want to grow old and be one of those bitches sitting at a bar while the young girls march off with their catch for the night. I am going to marry this man, he doesn't know it, but he is getting a wife. And this wife is going to take care of him.

Jul 12
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    • Eat his ass

    • Maybe you need to hold out a bit. You know the old saying about don’t buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. Well, you’re the cow (sorry, I don’t mean that like it sounds) and the pussy and BJs you give him is the milk. Give him less milk so he needs to buy the cow. Good luck. You sound like a catch.

    • You sound absolutely perfect! Tell us more about your self, height, weight, tit size, shaved or bush?? Luv hearing and thinking about your panties being peeled, better yet rolled down and removed! I wish I was lucky enough to find someone like you. Would have no problem marrying you and keeping each other happy!!! 😘

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