Mom's Helper

When I was 15 my parents got divorced. Within a year my mom was out of control going out, drinking etc. One night she came home drunk with a guy and ended up kicking him out after a fight. I put her to bed and she asked if I would just stay with her until she fell asleep. She was drunk and most likely high so I wanted to be nice and said I would "no problem."

She was wearing a black slip and nothing else because I assume she wanted to fuck the guy she kicked out. She fell asleep quickly once I turned on the TV. I was watching a late night infomercial when she moved and rolled facing away from me. Her whole ass and pussy became exposed. I was 16 now and she was 40. Her fit round ass was facing right at me and I saw my first pussy ever and I got hard. I had watched a lot of porn to this point, but I felt super guilty getting hard to her, so I tried to pull down her slip. But that didn't work at all and as I tried I kept touching her ass and got even more horny. She didn't wake up so I decided to just sit back, cover myself with her blanket and pull out my dick to jerk off. I thought to myself "seriously, this won't happen again. Cum quick and go to bed. She won't even know what happened."

So I unbutton my pajama shorts and let my hard cock out and pushed the shorts down over my balls so I had my whole 7 inch cock to stroke. Then I put my hand gently on her ass again to she if she would wake up, but she didn't, so I started stroking. God damn was my heart pounding and my dick was more swollen than it ever had been before. The TV was illuminating her whole ass and it felt great in my hand, but I was so in the throws of desire now that I started to take some risks. First I decided to part her ass cheeks so I could see and then touch her anus. It looked small and tight. I couldn't imagine that she had ever done anal sex and definitely didn't use the dildo, I had found several months before, on it or it would not be so small and so tight. And this is when I threw caution to the wind.

I uncovered myself because the blanket was getting so hot. When I did my huge swollen cock appeared and I noticed my first glistening pearl of precum. My next thought excited me so much I almost came. I literally had to stop stroking myself. I would dab the precum on her anus. I will have cum on my mom's 40 year old tight ass! I knew all my guy friends jerked to her so it made me super excited. I slowly parted her cheeks brought the tip of my dick to her anus and pressed my dick to her asshole. Then I heard a noise and I froze!

She was snoring. She was 110% out and my cum was on her ass! Then I got super greedy. I knew she had lube in her side drawer so I decided I would get it and use it to stroke my cock slowly, extending the pleasure I was feeling for as long as possible. She was out of it and wouldn't be stirring for hours. So I got up, slowly and silently opened her drawer, grabbed the lube and sat back down beside her. I slowly started stroking from base to tip, with pressure and it felt amazing. I didn't know it then, but I had discovered edging. Over the next 30-45 minutes I brought myself to climax and back down almost a dozen times. By this time I was totally impaired by the pleasure of edging and her ass wasn't enough anymore. I really wanted to feel and see her pussy, but I couldn't figure out how to gain access without moving her and I didn't want to risk it. Then she moved . . .

She went from her side to her stomach and brought her leg knee up to her stomach. Now her ass was parted and her pussy was in full view! But I couldn't see it properly seated like I was so I scooted down to the end of the bed and saw her glistening semi-hairy cunt. I edged for another 10-15 minutes, almost cumming three more times, then I couldn't stand it anymore. I made sure my hands were super warm and reached between her legs. She was still making her cute snoring noises so I parted her pussy lips just the slightest amount and when the TV flashed bright there was her opening. Fuck it was hot. I was stroking faster now and I could hear the slap, slap of my lubed up cock as I jerked. I had a crazy idea now. When I came, I was going to put the tip of my cock right up to her pussy hole and squirt myself inside. Then I noticed something, her pussy was getting wet. My stroking and touching had stimulated her clit and now I could see her pussy was dripping wet. What I did next changed myself forever.

I straddled my mom's right leg and leaned over and brought the tip of my cock to her pussy. I had intended to cum right then, but I pushed too hard when I leaned over and the combination of her pussy being wet and my dick being super lubed up meant the head of my cock popped right inside her.

I froze. I hadn't intended to do this at all. But the hot wetness of her pussy felt so good on my tip that I could resist sliding further inside, until I had fully impaled her with my swollen engorged cock. I was inside her. Scared to move, feeling like I would cum at any moment and then the unthinkable happened . . .

Her hips started to move very slowly in a circular motion. Her snoring was now being replaced with a very soft, very high pitched "ah" sound. After 3 or 4 circular movements she looked back at me and said "oh fuck, oh fuck your penis feels so good! start moving in and out of me." I did as I was told, slowly. We performed this dance for what seemed like a while. Pure pleasure radiating from the tip of my cock to the top of my head and tips of my toes. Then she stopped her hip movement and gave me my next direction.

"Slowly pull your cock out and when the tip is almost ready to come out I want you to slam yourself back into me as hard as you can. Wait a few seconds and do it again." I did as I was told and every time I slowly pulled myself out she would inhale making a very very high pitch "ah" sound and when I would pound it back in she would scream "fuck!" The slow rhythm kept me from cumming, but her pussy was getting noticeably tighter. I don't know how my times I slammed her pussy, it felt like dozens, but as her pussy got tighter the "fuuuuuuk" was drawn out longer. Then after a particularly hard fuck she grabbed my balls.

She said "your balls are so big and hairy" as she massaged them she continued "are they ready to fill me up with sperm?" I nodded yes and started to move in and out, but she caught me again by my balls and started rubbing them on herself. I would come to find out she was rubbing her clit with my balls and it felt really good, but I couldn't move in and out like I wanted. Then she started to move her hips again and I felt my dick rubbing around on the inside of her womb and it felt amazing! I could feel her pussy start to tighten again and she was getting really loud. At one point she let go of my balls and I was free to pound her like a 16 year old with an orgasm that had been pent up for 2 hours. I was pounding her so hard I thought I would rip her in two, but she just screamed "holy fuck, holy fuck" as she orgasm climaxed. Her pussy got so tight I couldn't hold back anymore. I wrapped my hands and forearms around the inside of her hips and released a torrent of cum deep inside her as I yelled "oh fuuuuuck yes! I'm shooting my sperm in you!"

I lay on her back, my cock still pulsing inside her. She looks back and smiled at me. "Wow" she said "you'll have made a mess of me." I roll off and she gets up and walks to the bathroom. From inside I hear "oh my god, you have to be kidding me." I hear the toilet flush and she comes out smirking and says "that is the most cum I have ever seen" and she get into bed and says to me "are you ok, are you having any feeling?" I shook my head no and then I notice her looking at my crotch, without knowing it I had been rubbing my penis again. She reach out and takes it in her hand saying "your penis is really beautiful. Thick and perfect." Then before I can even blink her head is in my lap and my cock is in her mouth.

She pushes me back and proceeds to give me my third blow job ever. And she knows what the fuck she was doing too. For 5-7 minutes she bobs away licking me sucking me, using her tongue like I hadn't even seen in porn. I'm playing with her fake boobs when I look into mirror and see her with her hand between her legs. I can see her rubbing her clit and pussy with my cum. Then she stops for s second and says "I want you inside me again, this time on top."

She flips on her back and I get between her legs and she guides me in. She has her hands on my hips as I start to fuck her and she looks me in the eyes and says "I need you to do two things. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast. And don't stop until you have cum inside me again." Like a good boy I do as I am told. I fucked her so hard and so fast she came before I did and I had to take a break because I was worn out. Her pussy was kind of loose too, but it still felt great. After more blow job to let me rest I was ready to cum again. Her pussy had gotten dry because she said she had "cum so many times" so she put some lube on my dick. Instead of getting on top again I whirled he around and grabbed a hold of her ass. She let out an impressed "woah" at how strong I was and I rubbed my cock between her pussy lips. Feeling like a hot shot I planned to fuck her harder than the two other times before. Make her cum again as I came inside.

I kissed her ass and lined up my dick, then I saw her anus and got greedy for one last time. I put my lubed up dick against it and pushed hard. It took a second, but the lube did it's job and her sphincter open up. As it did her hand came back and grabbed my wrist and she let out a pained "what? that's the wrong hole!" Her nails dug into my wrist as I pushed all the way inside her as and she collapsed to the bed screaming "fucking stop, that's the wrong hole!" I fucked her ass until I came inside. She now loves anal!


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  • My Dad is away abroad and I help my Mom in kitchen and all other

    household chores. Since the age of 18 I am fucking my Mom without her

    knowledge. I give her Milk with sleeping pills diluted in it before

    going to bed. When she is in deep sleep I fuck her and enjoys.

  • So you drug and rape your mom Thats a penalty.

  • My mom would go out and drink and bring men home while dad was on the road. I would hear her moning and crying out while she got fucked my a huge cock. I had seen dads and it was small compared to this cowboy she brought home. After fucking her he left she was drunk and high and naked. I crawled in bed with her rubbing up against her ass, She started to roll over I panicked and started to get out of bed. Mom said no baby come snuggle with me you feel good. She pulled me into her chest and I started to suck her nipples. She reached down and started to rub my dick. I started to pull back mom said its ok baby mommy needs you and she put my hand on her soaking cum filled pussy. I played with her for a long while then she rolled over on her back told me get between mommy leggs she reached down and put my hard dick in her pussy and told me to work it in and out. I was 15 I cum right away. She cuddled me some more then we fucked a few more tims'

  • The mother-son lovers each face up to 20 years in prison
    A Massachusetts mom and son pair have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.
    The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. It was the wife who caught her 43-year-old husband and mother-in-law in flagrante delicto on the living room couch on May 20.
    Shocked by the mom-son incest, the wife called 911 and summoned Massachusetts police. The mom and son were each charged with felony incest and issued a summons to appear in a Massachusetts court on August 20.

  • Maybe these would be more effective if they were about people getting arrested for fake invest fantasies

  • Always invest in fantasies.

  • Thats all you got is Fantasias.

  • Were you drunk when you typed this? Fantasias isn't even a word.

  • Thanks for confirming just how popular incest is. You're just wasting your time. Nobody reads your sorry ass shit.

  • With 7.8 billion people there will be incest. You are so stupid. If you think porn sites post real videos of incest you are wrong. It is illegal to post videos of illegal activity. Yes maybe few get in but thats it.

  • You are absolutely correct about the videos. There is incest, but nobody talks about it. It is a well kept secret, unless someone sees you.

  • Very little incest less then 0.119%

  • How would you know that lol. Because it's wrongly illegal more often than not it goes unreported

  • LMAO, you are so right. Tens of thousands of people are going to line right up and admit they are having incest so we have an accurate number. LOL

  • They don't have to line up. They have no brains and big mouths. They always start with can you keep a secret and blab about it. Or they act just like a normal couple and get caught kissing or acting out in public and their friends or family notice.

  • Barf. More incest crap.

  • Love it!!

  • Fuck you and your sick incest posts

  • No I won't let you fuck me gay boy

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