I’m someone else when I’m spun

I guess I’m a pretty jealous guy though I’m tall and handsome, I’m only averaged sized downstairs. Even though i do have that jealous streak, when I take stimulants I like to look at pics of my ex-gf’s pussy and pics on her fb page of her and her new bf and imagine watching him fuck her as she squirts on his big dick. I’d like to see her react in a way that mine couldn’t. We had great sex but I like the thought of him making me look like a sissy in the bedroom as she grunts as he stretches her.

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  • I’m sure she’s cumming all over his big cock. And I’m sure your not on her mind anymore. I let my girl slip away for a little bit until i heard she found another guy. She admitted him not being as attractive as me but he had a much bigger cock and used to wear her out. It took her a while before realizing he was fucking other girls.We started seeing each other again and one night after drinking and both horny while having sex I asked her to remind me how huge he was. . After hearing her explain to me how much better he was in bed I’m afraid to let her go out and find another guy.She is totally hot and I’m lucky

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