Do my wife

I want my wife to fuck other guys!
When we met she was married and said she loves to fuck but since we have been together I'm the only one she has fucked.
She knows she can have anyone she wants and can have it at anytime.
We have talked about this and she said she knows she can fuck anyone she wants but hasn't!
I would love to watch her taking a strange cock and I have told her so! But I also told her that I don't have to be there to watch!
So now I'm lost on what to do!

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  • Go online and together chose the right guy. Someone she melts over. It works better than you choosing.Plus you get to find out more about what she desires in men.

  • I’m in the same situation, being a cuckold, except that my (28) fiancée is a virgin. I want to be humiliated by someone I loathe being her first, permanently denying my chance. Such a lucky stud will always have her virginity and that unique satisfaction. He’ll make me so jealous, when he tells me how tight her Virgin cunt is squeezing his huge cock. My fiancée knows this will permanently establish his dominance over me, but still did it because she couldn’t resist his seduction. I hope I can watch it all happen, so that he can torment me by making me beg to take her virginity.

    Once her pussy adjust to his huge cock, I hope he fucks her harder than any woman he’s ever fucked, to deliberately ruin her for me. He’ll make her cum nonstop, and that she’s screaming in pleasure. I hope he takes his time, and intentionally tries to give my fiancée the biggest load he’s ever had, as deep inside her pussy as he can reach, and doesn’t take it out until she gets every drop. I absolutely want him to be the first to cum in her because of how much I would be so jealous of that.

    The more I hate him, the more I want all of this to happen. I hope he tries to seduce her.

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