Over the weekend

I cheated with two of my husband's younger employees over the weekend. It happened multiple times and they were together each time. They were here for 4 days doing repairs and maintenance to our home. My husband was in another state purchasing equipment and then transporting it back with his partner. In all my life I have never done the sexual things that these two had done to me. The home repairs went very well and my husband paid them a cash bonus when he finally got home. I'm drinking a coffee right now but I can still feel them in me .

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  • I work at a bar , I have sex with the owner and sometimes others. I am constantly horny I can't control it. We have only one car , so many times my husband waits for me outside while I am supposed to be in the bar cleaning before I go home. I am normally having sex. He doesn't know but the guys that do all think it's funny.

  • One of my friends had a major fight with her live in boyfriend. He entered detox and she visited her boyfriends co-worker to talk things over. Ended up sleeping with him. A few days later she had drinks with me and told me that for the first time in her life she "fucked". She didn't make love or lose control. She satisfied her primal urge to fuck and she enjoyed every minute of it. I wish that she'd have done that to me but listening to her tell me about it was a huge turn on. For both of us. She texted me when she got home and told me that she masturbated in her car when she pulled into her driveway because she was so horny. I bet he'll never forget her for as long as she lives and I'm sure she "felt him" inside of her when she told me about her adventure.

  • My wife also cheated with a former work colleague.I came back early from a 2 week trip.It was early evening I wasn't due back for a few days but forgot to tell my wife.I pulled down our little road and saw another car in the drive.It had already gotten dark so I went thru the back gate and spied thru the little side lounge window.My wife was nude on her knees sucking a big hard cock.I watched in disbelief but didn't move.After 10 minutes or so of sucking my wife was helped up and she laid on her back on the sofa with her legs spread wide.He then licked her out.She enjoyed it quite alot,squirming and wriggling in pleasure.He licked her clit and fingered her with 2 fingers till she bucked and shook and came squirting all over him and the floor.

  • Who ever said that , I would probably do it again, was right. I texted and went and met them yesterday while my husband was watching football with his buddies.

  • My hubbys boss pays me visits especially when he knows my hubby is workin away,no doubt he sends him on these trips.He often brings a bottle of wine or some beer.And most recently we ended up in bed.I guess its what he was workin up to.I wasn't drunk,he was just flirtin heavily so I thought fuck it and gave in.It was a good decision as he is great in bed way better than my hubby and I was shocked how big his dick is,almost double my hubbys.It definitely made me gasp when he slid it in me.He's a real dirty guy too,will eat my ass out,my hubby doesn't do that.He always makes sure not to waste his cum,either give me a huge creampie or over my face in my mouth.If he cums in my pussy he tells me to leave some in there for my hubby to taste,I find it funny and a turn on too.Hubbys definitely had very sloppy seconds and has probably ate his cum when he's gone down on me.I don't think I could tell him but his boss wants him cuckolded.

  • That's great, you and I are in the same boat. Been doing this for a little over a year, I got the hint at the company Christmas party. He's been wanting to fuck me in our home, and in our bed maybe that will be his bosses Christmas present.

  • Only started a few months ago for me but I'm pretty hooked now.Even to the point of asking my hubby when his next trip is every other day.

  • My wife cheated while I was away on a business trip she did not know I had installed camera's, she now has her cunt lips pierced in two places each and I keep her locked with two little heart shaped padlocks, that has certainly quietened her down.

  • My wife cheated on me while I was deployed, 7 different men

  • 7?? How did you find out, did she confess to you? Did you fuck anyone while deployed?

  • You should try dogging. You'd love it and it suits you.

  • It's kind of the way everything was started over that weekend.

  • My husband travels often and on one of his trips we needed the water heater replaced. The man who showed up was incredibly handsome and I could not believe how turned on I was just seeing him. I flirted with him some and I never imagined he would be interested in me and my Mom body but after the water heater was done he asked me if anything else needed checked out. He left a few hours later and I was so sexually satisfied I could barely catch my breath. He returned several days in a row and we made love for hours each time, I call him up anytime my husband is away and he pleasures me to extremes I have never felt in my life.

  • Don't give your hubby Chlamydia will you

  • I love sluts & whores !

  • What I did can definitely be described as slutty , but I don't consider myself a whore. No one paid

  • Sounds like you could continue using some additional cock in you besides your hubby. It seems like more and more housewives are no longer waiting for hubbys cock anymore. They want something new and exciting. Go after it as long as it doesn’t get back to him. He probably knows many guys want to fuck you if you are hot looking anyways

  • I think I'm decent looking and I try to keep in good shape. I can't imagine my husband being okay with this. I don't think he would even appreciate me airing out my confession to complete strangers on the internet. They left me their numbers and said that they would be glad to come over anytime I wanted them to.

  • You'll fuck them again. You know you will. Spare your cuckold any more humiliation, and confess so he can throw you to the curb like the trash you are.

  • I wasn't expecting any one to say that to me. It definitely hurts

  • How do you think your husband is going to feel when he finds out you wet his employees' dicks?

  • I know that it's not going to good.

  • Derp.

  • I love when a women does what she wants to do. My wife is able to fuck whoever she wants as long as she is honest with me and tells me about it. This all started after our kids left home. She turned into a sexual beast and I love it. Good for you. Enjoy it while you can

  • Also I hope you understand that I have not told my husband. I'm positive that he would jump off the deep end. Probably fire them and leave me.

  • Thank you. I am just wondering why those boys were so into me. I try to stay in shape but I am at least 15 if not more years older than them.

  • So you enjoyed having 2 guys fucking you at the same time. Did they cum inside you.

  • Yes a couple times in the very beginning. But then they were pulling out.

  • Gonna do it again?

  • Right now I'm still feeling nervous , but I think about what happened and how much I felt like I was the center of attention. How they were so crazy about me. I can say honestly that it was wonderful and amazing. So I think if the opportunity comes up , I may do it again.

  • Good for you and I bet your heart was racing the whole time because it was so thrilling. I love it when anything breaks down at our house because I look at it as a one time thing and the repairmen are happy as ever.

  • Omg yes it was racing , I can't explain it but it was incredibly amazing.

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