I'm a 29 year old woman who loves being naked. I absolutely hate wearing clothes, I find them so unnecessary and restrictive. I spend everyday at home nude. Luckily for me, I live alone in a country home with no neighbours. Quite secluded.

Everyday I get around the house , cooking , cleaning and doing everything in the nude. I feel really confident and love my body , long blonde curls, hourglass figure and D cups.

I have a garden which I tend to naked. There's some forest and a river nearby which hardly anyone goes to . I usually head for a walk there in just a bikini but if I'm brave enough and 101% sure no one is around then I'd go nude.

I have an office job and I'm not trying to be a slut or impress anyone but I really just try to go as far as I can because I simply don't like clothes. I just simply wear blouses and short skirts. I don't wear a bra just nipple pasties so they don't poke through. I usually wear a G-string because it's the most minimal but there are times when I'm brave enough to go commando .

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  • My wife and I take off our clothes as soon as we get home. We're always naked at home. She says that she would like to have sex on a nude beach sometime. I'd like to fulfill that for her.

  • I live on 48 acres out in the country and our closest neighbor who lives across the road from us is a quarter a mile away, home alone I go nude most of the time and yep I've been caught a few times but it don't bother me none.
    I am 27 F and in great shape for II run 18 miles every day rain or shine. Several time a guy will start running with me but always stays behind me then one day I asked him why and he told me I had a great ass and he loved watching me.

  • I jack off bare naked in my backyard and let these old bitches watch me across the fence..

  • Nice made up story. Still good though: )

  • Every frigging post on this website is made up.

  • Not all of them. This most certainly is though.

  • Ok... whatever you say

  • Wife and I are nudist to for many years and quite active in a nudist club. I think I live to be naked. I like my wife's body as well and love to watch her naked every moment at home. OP sounds like my wife's build only mid length blond hair with an hour glass figure. What helps is having nudist friends to socialize with as most think it's bizarre to live naked. What I don't understand is nudist are viewed as weird but then I know guys would love nothing more than to see my wife naked.

  • Long Day!!!!

  • I live in a city, houses are like forty feet apart at best. My next door neighbor is always walking around the house naked and I love it. I truly think she does not care about it because I can see her just about every day walking around doing stuff and in the morning I watch her get up out of bed nude most of the time.

  • I bet she not only cares, but also gets off on it. She’s obviously an exhibitionist. My virgin fiancée is the same way.

  • You live in the county where nobody is around but you have an office job.

    Every day you cook clean and you also tend a garden.... but you have an office job....

    You don't want to sound like a slut but.....
    No love you don't sound like a slut.
    You sound like a billy bullshitter.

  • What's off about living in the country and working in an office? I'm sitting in my office next to my wife in hers and we live in the country as well outside of town. Nudist have jobs to dipstick.

  • But she said she cleans and walks around nude every day.... dipstick

  • Thought exact same thing. Bulllll

  • I used to peep on some nudist neighbors who lived near me. I had incorrectly assumed that since they were nudists that they would also be sexually promiscuous, and that wasn't the case. I never saw them exchange a kiss, and never saw him with an erection. He did some gardening, nude, but she stayed clothed while outside. I always wanted to hang out with them, discuss nudism, and generally just be friends, but, we ended up moving away.

  • Just because we love nudity doesn't mean were all promiscuous humping all day long every day because we're naked. There is life to live and things to do like anyone else.

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