Jerking in public

Always loved to jerk off when I could be seen. I like to watch and to be watched.

I found a girl one day in Asbury Park walking down the street. Young tall slender and dark. I pulled into a parking lot and waited for her to walk by. I made eye contact with her and made it known that I was up to no good.

She was cautious but curious and sort of slowly approached the car. I hid my hard friend under my hand as she walked up and unrolled the window. She looked at me and said what are you doing? I said "nothing, you want to watch?" She tells me no, but hangs around to see what I am going to do. So I grab my hard now throbbing cock and I show her what's going on.

She asks me why I am doing it and I told her because it turns me in to be watched. She asked me if I like playing with him and of course I told her I love it. And asked if she like masturbating. She says she does but in private. I invited her to sit in the car next to me and play but she didn't want to. She seemed content to watch me stroke. We continued to chat and I asked her couple of more times to join but she didn't. Than I told her that I want to cum for her and she said do what you want.

So Iaid back a bit and went to town on my cock. It didn't take long cuz i was so excited that this cute chick stopped to watch and talk. The pressure built up so hard And I exploded. I actually hit my chin with cum and got it all over the steering wheel. She laughed a bit and asked if I was ok and we went along our way

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  • Growing up there was a guy everyone talked about, to stay away from him, he was a “pervert”. So I of course had to go right up to his car, see what made him a pervert. I didn’t get what was so creepy, he was just stroking his dick. He always let me watch, sometimes id hang out with him in his car. He never pressured me to fuck. He was cool.

  • Nice something like that happened to me at a park once I walked by this guy's to hey how you doing her usual stuff well I'm going to go for a walk in the woods and rub one out pull down my pants so my panties and he started sucking me

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