Huge turn on for me!

My wife and I just had our first Dr appointment after finding out she was pregnant. She is 31, a brunette with great natural C cups, 5’6”, 120 lbs and is absolutely beautiful. I am the only person she has ever been with. They told us the ultrasound was first, she went back alone while I stayed in the waiting room. After 5 minutes or so they brought me back. I walked into the room and she was lying on the exam table, undressed in a hospital gown. The radiologist was a guy about our age. He took out the ultrasound tool, I remember thinking...that’s not what I thought it would look like. Then he put a plastic cover over it that sort of looked like a condom and covered it in lube. I thought that was strange, on tv you always see them put it on women’s stomachs. He then asked if we were ready to see our baby! I was expecting her to open the front of her gown and him to push it against her stomach to see it. But that’s not what happened. He put it up the bottom of her gown and told her to help him guide the tip in and he would take it from there. For a moment I was confused, then I realized that another man had just stuck a tool that looked much like a small dildo into my wife’s pussy. My heart started racing, my cock got rock hard and I could hardly breathe. The procedure probably took 10 minutes or so. Of course I was just excited that I had just seen our baby but I was so horny now. He left the room and she got dressed again, which didn’t help the situation. She was completely nude under the gown. When she got off the table, took the gown off and used a wipe to clean extra lube off of her pussy lips I about came in my pants. They took us back to the waiting room next. My cock was throbbing, so I told her I needed to use the restroom. I jerked off like a teenager and erupted all over the bathroom. I had no idea that I would be turned on by another man doing anything with her. I can’t stop replaying the scene in my head and thinking about how it turned me on. What do I do now?!?!


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  • My 23yo sister, I'm almost 22 is pregnant with her fiance's baby, she sat next to me for thanksgiving, I kept staring at her newly showing belly, it's round now, since her fiance spent thankgiving with his family, she invited me to her room, wow!! I was soo hard when she took off her dress, the way her panties stretched somewhat higher over her belly, bare midriff growing too, bra, from the back, her panties made her tight ass sexy, so did the back of her bra, you couldn't tell that she was pregnant till she turned around, what a belly, I stripped to my boxer briefs, felt her baby, I got soo hard, I erupted all down the crotch of my boxer briefs, it turned her on. I always had a thing for her tummy when she was 7, that time, she wore her sports bra and tight little bike shorts for a preteen dance number, what turned me on, when she would sit down, her tummy got squishy between the front of her bike shorts, and sports bra, then when she pulled the front of her short shorts almost up to her bra to make herself look pregnant, even though she wasn't pregnant then, she was just 8 then like I said, that made me hard for having just turned 7 then.

  • Oh I remember my experience in late June 73, I had just turned 12 around the beginning of that month, my mom would turn 31 early that September too. I knew she was pregnant too, it was when she first started to show that June I started feeling sexually aroused. It was kind of awhile after I got home from summer school, I was wearing my oP short shorts, I was shirtless in them not long after I ate lunch. Wearing my oP's made my dick hard anyway even when my mom wasn't pregnant, when I was first 11 in June 72. That day I was doing a model car, my mom was in short shorts and a floral top, she came in the family room, asked me to feel her baby. Feeling her baby got the better of me, when I asked to see what her tummy looked like especially since she started showing. When she lifted her top up, I was like oh wow, her little bit of bare tummy between her bra and short shorts had just started getting big especially as the front of her short shorts had stretched over her then newly forming belly.

  • Wow, I'd seen my mom pregnant too, I had just turned 11 a week earlier, my mom had turned 37 just 2 months before already. I was in my blue and white stripe speedo, it was summer 80. I was supposed to go to morning swim practice, but I never got there, as I was just leaving the house, my mom called out to me, I ran to her room thinking something was wrong. When I got there, and was I in for a surprise, my mom had her nightgown lifted up to her bra, her pregnancy had just started showing, her panties for pregnant ladies had stretched over her newly then swelling tummy, she showed off her little bit of almost flat tummy, between the top of her panties and bra. When I felt her tummy, my cock throbbed big and hard, my mom got that horny look on her face when she touched my speedo bulge. When I was about to leave the house, my erection wouldn't stop happening, so I went to my room to enjoy my throbbing hard cock in my speedo. Then after I dozed off for a moment, I felt my mom tickle around my speedo crotch, I woke up to her horny smile. There she was, in just her panties , and bra, she pleasured in doing handjobs on my speedo bulge, I pleasured feeling her baby, gazing at her tummy.

  • I had the same experience only it was a female on the wand inserting it into my wife, I was trying not to stare at her arm moving around between my wife's legs but it was a serious turn on. My wife is pretty outgoing and after we were done and in the car heading home she asked me how I felt about the woman using basically a huge dildo on her. I told her that I was pretty surprised when it was happening but hid my feelings about it, but I admitted to her that I was pretty turned on by it. She told me that I should slide a few fingers down her panties and see how wet she is from it all. We got home and had some very hot sex.

  • You tell her what it did for you! And then you start finding a discreet man or two who will be more than happy to come by and fuck her all throughout her pregnancy!

  • I would be totally open to having another guy join us in bed to try it out, but I’m not so sure she’d go for it. Just the thought of it gets me hard!!!

  • Happy spanking

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