My mum

Hello everybody,I'm Lauren I'm 23,I live with my mum Jackie,my dad and her have not long separated,I've been with my boyfriend Ben for around 6 months,it was a Friday night and we went out for some drinks,we got back to mums around midnight,we went into the living room and put the music channel on the TV on low volume,Ben then pulls some coke from his pocket,line babe? Why not its the weekend,we must have gotten a bit loud,my mother stuck her head around the door and asked what we were doing! She saw the coke on the coffee table! Oops! Be careful on that stuff I used to be wild on it she said! Shit mum you used to do coke! I was quite the party girl Lauren! Ben said to her why don't you join us and have a little!! She didn't need much convincing,I wonder if it's still the same,Ben handed my mum a note and she took a line! Wow that takes me back she said,30 minutes went by and she asked for some more! She grabbed the remote and turned the music up and started dancing,it's coming back to me hun she said,she was only wearing her dressing gown and the belt had come undone,as she danced and twirled her bits were on show! Mum I said Ben's getting embarrassed,don't be stupid she replied,I got up for the loo,when I got back her and Ben were doing another line,do one Lauren she told me,as I leaned over to snort it she slapped my bum! Mum I said,what darling you've got a beautiful behind wouldn't you agree Ben? But is it as nice as mine? Out of control mother alert! She raised her dressing gown so Ben could see everything! What do you think Ben,mine or Lauren's!!! And she slapped her ass! That tells me I'm the winner,it's a bit hard Jackie with Lauren in her jeans,tell her to take them off then! The coke was kicking in on me by now,as for all of you that's taken it,it doesn't half make you horny! So you think my mother's bum is nicer than mine do you Ben I said to my boyfriend! OK fine,I undid my buttons and yanked them off,I had a thong on,cmon then,which is best? Me and mum bent over the coffee table wiggling our bums for my boyfriend,mum didn't have any underwear on,well your gonna have to take your thong off babe,off off off mum shouted,really! Horny coke remember,I spread my ass cheeks so Ben could see everything!! How's that for you I said sarcastically,mmmm very nice,Jackie spread your cheeks! Mum took her dressing gown off completely turned around spread her legs and played with herself!! Fuck me Jackie your crazy! Which one then!!!! Lover boy? Omfg,I then followed suit and turned around for Ben,mum was rubbing her slightly hairy pussy when I felt her hand on my stomach,mmmm sexy !! Ben didn't object! I let her hand wonder to my pussy! She found my clit and rubbed it! Mums foot began to rub between Ben's crotch,whats that I can feel Ben? Lauren,I think your boyfriend needs attention! I rose up and played with his cock through his jeans,suck his cock mum ordered! I started sucking Ben's dick,mum did another line and lifted my top over my head,I wasn't quite on my knees but nearly,mum's hand was between my legs rubbing my pussy,id never experienced such a feeling of lust! Fuck me Ben my mum said to my boyfriend,she layed on the coffee table and guided Ben into her,is my pussy better than my daughters Ben!!! He couldn't answer as he was about to cum!! Now we'll keep this between us I think mum said xxx

19 days ago

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    • Yeah gotta say this sounds like a fairytale

    • Bet you’re an expert on fairies. Takes one to know one.

    • That story was just as fake as you are dude!

    • And you're the real thing.
      A child-molesting, Fascist with mother issues.

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