Just left school and working prior Pandemic, I was working shifts in a computer operations area in an insurance company. I was home from an early shift to a quiet house, washing on the line and dads car was in the drive and the TV was on.
I went upstairs to my bedroom and had to walk past my parents bedroom, I could hear muffled voices and a distinctive slapping sounds so curiously I glanced in through their open door. I was stunned by what I could see. My mother was on all fours on their bed, she was naked except for a black short slip which had been raised up over her naked bottom, her panties and bra lay discarded on the floor with the remainder of her clothes. My father was standing by the bed and was spanking her naked ass, with each slap my mothers breasts would giggle within the confines of her silk slip.
Dad was using his hands to spank mum and instead of complaints from my mother she was urging my dad to spank her harder as she had been a naughty wife and with each spank she pleaded "spank me harder i am a naughty little slut" . I was transfixed with what I was hearing and seeing. Mum was pleading for a harder spanking, dad removed the silk slip and threw it with the rest of her clothes. He ran his fingers between her legs and declared that the naughty little slut was wet and was enjoying being spanked. She begged for more harder slaps so dad picked up one of his slippers and used that on mums ever receptive bum cheeks.
She squealed and her breasts giggled, she spread her legs. She berated my dad saying he had a small penis that is why she had been naughty at this stage her bum was red but still the spanking continued. She was confessing to flirting with other men and to even having sex with other men. I had never heard my mum speaking in this tone she was very descriptive as to what she had done, she had given her boss a blowjob in work and had allowed herself to be stripped naked by a couple of their friends and sat on her best friends husbands face whilst her friend kissed her, she was goading my father into spanking her harder. After a few minutes my dad stopped and knelt between her open legs whilst mum was still on all fours and kised and licked her bottom
She was breathing heavy and looked to be enjoying dads tongue licking her rose bud. He slipped it further between her legs and made contact with her vagina within 3 minutes of dad chewing her out she came on his face.

1 month ago

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    • They have an arrangement and it works. She pays a price for being unfaithful.
      Don't judge. I bet more than half of all wives cheated, and boss is probably the most cheated with. He's like a husband in a way, women feel a duty to take care of men who give them security, so she sucks him off.

    • * Jiggled, FFS.

    • Yeah I know i wanted to see who was awake

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