Wife knows and understands BBC

One night my wife and I attended a wedding for one of her friends. Jessica was marrring a black guy. There were many more black people than white people. The wedding was wonderful and the food and music was awesome. When the drinking started and the dance case on every seemed relaxed. My wife enjoys dancing a lot and although I wasn’t up to I advised her to go out and have fun dancing while I loosened up and drank at the bar. My wife would eventually come and check up on me and I still insisted she keep dancing. There were many black guys dancing with her. From time to time I would get up and see her dancing with some attryblack guys. She has been gone for a while when I got up and noticed she was dancing with this particular tall fit black guy. I thought nothing of it and after a few more drinks headed to the men’s bathroom when I noticed the same attractive black man that had been dancing with Dana had just stood next to me to pee. I had been feeling a little aroused from watching Dana and him I for some reason decided
to look over and check out his tool. I looked over then couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I looked over again. He was on his cellphone with his cock out and his pants down to his knees. His cock looked massively thick on soft and at lest 7-8 inches soft. I grabbed one more look when I heard him tell the person on the other end he was missing a great party and that he was dancing with Dana from the office and she’s looking hot.Tvst got my attention I am almost got erect and felt some worrienessed. What did he mean by that and how well did everyone know my Dana. I went back to the bar then saw Dana dancing with the brides dad. That helped calm my nerves some. I got back to drinking when Dana ask me how I’m doing. I tell her having fun and tell her to go back and have fun. After a while my nerves are calmed when I go back to check on Dana and this time i notice the tall attractive black guy is grinding up against her and she appears to be making movements that gestures as though she was reaching back to kissing
him. After a while lights come and everyone starts saying their goodbyes.
While on our walk back to our hotel I could not stop thinking of Dana had been having sex with the black guy or blacks at her work. While she’s undressing I tell her how attractive she looked dancing. And how exciting and sexual she looked dancing with the tall attractive black giiy.
She comes up to me without her bra and in panties and hugs me then starts kissing me. She says you mean Stephen? I said yes as we kiss. She says yes all the girls st the office love him.I couldn’t stop thinking about her and him dancing so I just told her as we kissed passionately that I was turned on watching y’all dance. I told her the thought of her going home with him had me excited the entire night. As she continued to kiss me she then said mmmm would you’d like that?
I wanted to ask her if the guys at work find her attractive. She said I don’t know then I said please tell me . Our kissing started getting more sexually passionate as we talked. She finally said yes it’s obvious all the guys at work want her. She heard comments they make to themselves. I got so excited about what she had just said I pulled down her panties and laid her on the bed and laid her on the bed and started eating out her pussy, I noticed her pussy was extremely wet and I just thought to myself if Stephen had her excited. It was long before I started pumping her and telling her about how attractive Stephen and her looked and then she came out and told her I saw him in the bathroom pissing. She asked me what I saw and I told her how huge and powerful his black cock looked. She got very excited and asked me if she thought sex with him and her would turn me on. When I described his cock compared to mine she made these hot small moans. I kept trying to describe his cock when we were fucking when she made a sexy statement saying yes they have big cocks and know how to use them. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was like she was admitting to fucking black guys. Something she never said anything to me about. I then went down on her telling her I am going to eat your and his cum clean. Tell me if you love it. She went crazy when I said that. She said you would want to eat our cum ?
in a sexy voice. I said mmmmmm yesss
She started fucking my mouth hard. Then started saying stuff like you would love to clean Stephens big black cock clean? I said yes I would. I asked her if she would make Stephen wear a condom when I heard her say I have made him.
I couldn’t hold back cumming while I was eating hearing her practically admitting she was already fucking him. She came from me eating her when I climbed up on top of her telling her did she love knowing all his black baby seed was in her when she would come home from fucking him and she said yessss mmmmm
She told me she loved getting fucked by his huge black cock cause he knew how to satisfy her good. We still fuck and talk about her black Cock encounters. She works out a lot and one day while we were fucking she told she works out so much to keep the stares from black guys coming and to be able to have the stamina to keep up . She gets so many stares and slmost usually more black
guys than any other races approach her


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  • Great story. Thanks for writing it.

  • Stopped reading at the first paragraph when you said she was marrying a black guy. Story sucks

  • If you can’t beat em.. join em. Also maybe Because he’s black and you know your little pecker can’t compete

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