Party girl

My sister was quite the party girl in her college years and during the summers she carried it right over when she was home. One summer our parents went to Europe for a month and it was just the two of us at home, I was around seventeen then and my sister was twenty two. She had gone out and told me if she did not come back home that night not to worry because she probably would sleep at a friends house.
I went to bed late around eleven or so and she still had not returned home, I was asleep but woke up when I heard my bedroom door open up. I saw her in the light coming in from the hallway and she was walking towards my bed. She stood next to my bed then started undressing, when she finished getting her clothes off she climbed onto the bed and started pulling my covers off me. I usually just slept in a pair of shorts and she told me something like just pretend this did not happen and enjoy it.
She pulled my shorts down and started right in on my cock sucking on it then paused for a moment after getting it nice and hard and told me that I had a really nice cock. She kept going and I laid there watching her head go up and down and twist around my cock for about five minutes and then I could not hold back any longer and started to orgasm. She was pretty sloppy about it but swallowed a lot of it and licked up what she missed. She told me now that I got your first one out of the way I am going to get you hard again and ride you.
She started doing just that with more sucking until I was hard again, she reached down and found her purse pulling it up onto the bed and searched thru it, she pulled out a condom then slid it right down my cock. She got herself on top of me and began grinding away on me, she got herself all the way down on me and just sat up straight rotating her hips around and rubbing herself. I reached up and began playing with her nipples then after a few minutes she came back down and put her breasts in my face and asked me to lick and suck on her nipples.
She kept riding my cock and then went back up straight and really started going up and down, she had her hands planted on my chest and had pulled her feet up some so she could lift herself up and down then she had an orgasm and just collapsed on top of me. I was still hard and she was slowly moving herself around but not like before at all. I rolled her over onto her back and she pulled her legs up, I got myself in her and started just pumping myself in and out of her. She was moaning and telling me how great it felt and got one of her hands back down rubbing herself, it must have been about ten minutes but finally I felt myself building up to an orgasm again so I pulled out and took off the condom. She grabbed my cock with both hands and started stroking me again but it was to rough. She told me to come up to her mouth and she opened right up and started sucking on me again, I came and she swallowed all she could while I was pushing in and out of her mouth. I could not believe I was having the best sex of my life with my sister but she was really hot and loved to do it.
I thought for sure the next day she was going to be filled with regret but she came downstairs and it was totally normal. She laid around most of the morning then ate and went upstairs to take a shower. Later than evening she asked me if I wanted to repeat last night with her and we both went upstairs and had a great sex session filled with cock sucking, pussy licking and great fucking, we had several days of great sex and never kissed once.


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