I like Sissies traps and femboys

I am a guy and I really would love to meet a slim feminine guy,Sissy or trap,I just think they are so cute.And I see posts about them all the time but have never met one over the net or irl.

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  • Darling, I am the sort of person you are looking for!!!!
    I have been cultivating my "Fem" side since my early teens and now I've just turned 33. I am slim with long legs and size 38b breasts. My penis is also a very decent size.
    I work in Media where being a "Tranny" is accepted and it never ceases to surprise me how many married men try to seduce me!!
    I love wearing flirty flouncy dresses and skirts and spend a small fortune on lingerie, I love the view of my breasts peeking over the top of my balcony bras when I am wearing "see through" blouses.
    I love the feeing of the silk lingerie on my skin, particularly silk French knickers wafting around the tops of my stockings!!!!
    I have a great many lacy silky vintage silk slips, such fabulous quality.
    I like older men who are so much more appreciative and take their time with me. My neighbour Jack is in love with me, he is 64, fit, married and has a great body. I just love the way he kisses and caresses me, holding me tight against his hairy body as he thrusts his erection into me. I love lying on my back in my lingerie, with my legs wrapped around his waist so we can kiss. He can go a full hour of love making before he ejaculates and then sometimes twice if he's particularly randy. I pretend I'm his wife when we are making love and that really turns me on.
    Signed Lingerie Lover.

  • I’m 63 and I love fem boys. I love sexy lingerie panties pantyhose thongs stockings heels lace panties. I would love to have you while you are wearing lingerie.

  • You lucky lingerie lover, I would love to fuck and caress you, I'm 72 but I would love to have sex with someone like you. My wife is not interested in sex any more, I'm so randy, I masturbate all the time, you would love the size of my dick. Please reply to me.

  • You lovely man, just my preferred age too. You would love me and I could give you such an exciting time. I live in Oxfordshire, do you live in the UK?
    Ohhhh! I would love to be dressed in my silky lingerie and for you to take me up my bottom, to feel your throbbing member inside me, then feeling your cum dribbling down my stockinged legs and soaking the gusset of my silk French knickers, I could even make you cum again, I'm good at that,
    Signed Lingerie Lover

  • This is lingerie lover again. I so want a reply from you Mr72 year old!!!

    My lover Jack, he's just turned 71 came to see me yesterday and we spent the afternoon rolling around on the bed, me in my silky undies and Jack absolutely naked. I love his penis, its so big, its like playing with a python snake.
    Jack loves me to kiss and lick his penis, running my tongue up his throbbing shaft until I reach that magnificent head. I have to really stretch my mouth to take it in. Oh! and when he is ready to fuck me I need so much crème to lubricate my anus, I'm always amazed that I can take it in me.
    Jack is so loving, he takes his time, he tells me that his wife (who I know) has never been as sexy as me, French knickers and stockings are his favourite and he fucks me every which way while I have them on and he is such a spunker!! I remember about two weeks ago we had been making love, rolling around kissing, caressing and I was sucking his penis head when Jack held my head, I felt his penis swell and he spurted cum into me, I nearly choked there was so much and I couldn't pull my face away. Jack apologised but said he had reached the point of no return. I kind of liked it, but I prefer it in my bottom,
    Signed Lingerie Lover

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