It’s nothing like my husband

The last two weeks my daughter has been bringing back her new boyfriend, he is 21 and a very charming young man.
The main room in our house is the kitchen, any friends or family visiting it’s always in the kitchen.
We have a small toilet in the kitchen and it’s not that I’m listening it’s more the case you can’t help but hear it!
When my daughter new boyfriend uses the toilet it’s like he is peeing 100mph I know the toilet is small and does sound a bit echoing but the noise of his pee kind of makes you stop and listen, he must have a big bladder as it doesn’t stop for ages.
All I can say is it’s nothing like when my husband or other males use it.

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  • You want to see him with his dick out and watch his piss

  • Maybe he drinks a lot more water than they do.

  • What you're really thinking is that attached to that big bladder is a walloping big dick with a slit that could gobble up your husband's dick. THAT'S why he's able to lay down that hard, heavy stream. You know that's right. You're thinking about that. And even if you wern't before, you are now.

  • She could ask her daughter just how big it is and how it feels.

  • Or sneak into his room while he's sleeping and suck it :)

  • This is old. I know the old bag already has.

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