Right or wrong .

I have just come from my friends party. Everyone was drunk and I went upstairs to go to the toilet when I entered I found my friends Mum nearly passed out on the toilet with everything on show at first I tried to get her up but she grabbed my cock and started to get freaky
I was so excited I couldn't help myself and fucked her
She sobered up a bit and told her Son my friend she was going to stay at a friends but she came back to my house and we fucked like mad it was the best sex I've ever had she has just left and I feel turned on but slightly guilty as I know her husband well
What should I do

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  • Enjoy it while it lasts

  • Just ask her to teach you everything she knows about sex and then learn more and teach you that. She'll put extra effort into it. ;^)

  • Depends on what kind of man you want ot be. if you want to be honest guy, tell her to stop and let her confess (though try to make a deal that she doesnt say it was you she cheated with. and believe me, she will not, its just more embarrassment for her). or you decide to be selfish, and let it keep on going till it gets out...

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