My cousin

Unfortunately it doesn't happen anymore now. But for over a year my cousin and I used to have very naughty chats on snap and send nudes. We would write fantasies in which we had all kinds of sex. Both telling our fantasies or making one up in which we each wrote a part and let the other write the next and so on. She has a gorgeous body with amazing breasts I swear, just to die for. She would ask me for pics of my cock (mostly bulging in my underwear) and videos of me shooting my cum for her. It was beautiful, I loved it. But it's all over. She went on with her life and I respect that. But I miss her so much. She's one of the best people in my life, I don't think she knows how much nicer she made those days.

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  • Years ago my uncle paid me to come over and do yard work in the summer, my cousin was gorgeous and I always loved to see her. One day I am mowing the lawn and when I was walking towards the house I see her in the window with her boobs pressed against the glass. I froze in my shoes staring at her then she walked away, few minutes later it was the same thing just a different position then she had her butt against it. She showed me her body while I was mowing away getting very turned on.
    I finished up the lawn and walked into the kitchen area to get some water, she was standing in the doorway and told me I need to have a shower. I had never seen a woman naked other than in magazines let alone touched one. We did an incredible amount of exploring over the next several years and I look back on it with very fond memories.

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