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So like many men I have this fantasy. She shares it as well and makes for smoking hot RP during sex. She’s been pretty solid about it never going beyond that. But she seems to be gradually relenting on this point. She may be wise as some fantasies are best kept as fantasies. I’m fearful if I did get my way there could be consequences I haven’t even considered. Or that the reality of it might be less hot and more devastating to me (or her). So how many couples have gone through with it? And what it your experience in my concerns? Any regrets? How would you have done things differently? What are some important steps to ensure it doesn’t go south?

Aug 7
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    • You need to objectively assess how strong your marriage is. Most swingers end up divorced because their marriage wasn't as strong as they thought it was. One or the other either likes the sex with someone better, or gets jealous and wants to stop but the other spouse doesn't. I choose to play the safe odds.

    • We have a very strong marriage. We’re both very sexual. You’re probably right about why these marriages fail. It seems many try to fix a failing marriage with this. That’s obviously a disaster waiting to happen. Interesting take. I’ll definitely think further on it.

    • We do this! A few rules. Dude must be clean, non smoker, no bums. Wife wouldn't do this anyways. No attachments sex and sex only. At night we go to bed together. Dude can join us but she sleeps at home. Final rule, I get the pie, always. Whether eating the pie or adding to it to eat, I get the pie! Final rule, I get to join if both are ok with it!!! If he's bi, I still get the pie!

    • My wife and I dipped into that pool a few times and ultimately decided to stop and close our marriage again. For me personally, I actually didn't have a huge issue with another guy just fucking my wife and getting off, but I found myself getting very jealous while watching them making out, or watching the guy play with and enjoy her tits, or even rubbing and massaging her feet, legs and ass. I guess you can say we don't regret trying it, but didn't find it enjoyable enough to keep doing it.

    • Did the jealousy turn you on? Or was it just bad jealousy? I find the jealousy to be a bit of a turn on. But again, only fantasy atm

    • The majority of the couples we know that were swingers have divorced. The ones that make it... Seem to have very strong relationships. Was never worth the risk to us.

    • I have made this observation as well. I know two who’ve stayed. Many who have not. I don’t want to end up there

    • 36 years and counting. Started swinging when we dated, turned to her getting dick, I just lost interest in trying to please women, I have a small dick. I love watching her get pampered, sometimes join in. ^^^ as above I always get to eat the creampies! This makes me very happy!

    • Over the decades my wife and I tried a lot of different things to keep passion in the bedroom. Being rather religious, she was rather reluctant to try most things. Fortunately, she usually likes what we do once she tries it. Our first efforts in this area were rather comical. We had to work up to the harder stuff. Upside was more fun. Downside was I was and am still hated by my in-laws. No matter how much you try to keep it on the downlow, the people you most want to keep this secret from seem to find out the quickest.

      We've been married almost 40 years. In our pillow talk we both actually wish we did more stuff and filmed more of it. We'd love to find our naughtiest stuff on the net NOW.

    • That would be hot. Do you mind expanding a bit about people finding out?

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