Student at uni, cheated on my bf all term

Exams are over, heading home for the summer, back to my bf, to be all coupley, but it's a lie, i have been cheating on him all year, i should break it off with him but i can't.
It all went wrong in the first week when i got drunk and fucked my new house mate, bit of a mistake, turned out to be a dick. Afterwards i tried to split up with my bf, but it never happened, and i ended up having several one night stands.
I saw my bf at Christmas, but i couldn't break up with him at Christmas, and we were fucking like bunnys.

I tried to be faithful in the second term, but the sexual tension became too much, and i ended up fucking another housemate, and in a last binge before Easter i ended up fucking a third housemate (so that's all the guys)

Again i failed to break up with my bf over Easter, and in the third term entered in to a casual relationship with one of my housemates (the second i fucked). We are uni fuck buddies, nothing more, and both of us have fucked elsewhere.

Towards the end of term it came out that i had fucked all the guys, but it also came out that my female house mate had fucked two of them also. When really drunk it was suggested me and the other female housemate collect the set by her fucking the guy i was fucking, and me and her fucking each other.

In the end i got involved in a threesome with the two of them, which was exciting, and we both got the set. Thing is now i am home, i really should break it off with my bf. I have cheated and cheated and cheated the whole year, and i feel so bad and so slutty, i think breaking up is the only fair thing to do, I'm just not very good at it.

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  • Ditch the boyfriend. You've obviously moved on. You are still finding your identity, so go for it. But it is best to give your boyfriend a bullet in the head than a slow bleed. Tell him you are done.

  • Every post on here has made me lose all faith in humanity. Disgusting whores like you should be exposed to the whole world to ridicule, and you know it because of the guilt you feel deep down. Break up with your boyfriend, he doesn't deserve to deal with your betrayal. Enjoy the lowest circle in the inferno, it has a place specifically reserved for you and all other people who betray those who love them.

  • A few years ago I went to England to study and left a boyfriend back home in Romania.Guys in England called me pretty and some always asked me out.So I gave in and went out on a some casual dates.I ended up having sex with a few of the nicer guys.Then I had a couple regular guys fuck me quite alot.I just couldn't help myself and loved "no strings" sex so damn much.

  • You are not breaking up with any bf, you are just enjoying sex. God made us with vaginas and penises, He did not handcuff us to just one opposite sex person. You can come by any time and fuck this old mane with a low sperm count that enjoys bareback sex.

  • How old?

  • That's kinda hot. When the guys are about to cum where do you let them cum?

  • If you're a good girl you'll let them cum wherever they want.Of course make sure you trust these guys are not gonna give you anything dirty.

  • I'm on the pill so with the guys i know and trust, it's ok if they go in me. If they want to pull out and go elsewhere then I'm cool with that, as long as i have cum already. I'm cool with most places, not keen on the face, bit demeaning, but i will do it as a treat, happy with tits, back, tummy etc.
    Not in my bum urgh. I prefer it in my, nice warm feel :)

  • Are you kidding? I'm married and when I did my training/work away from home I couldn't help but get some cock on the side. The real added bonus being this one regular guy I fooled around with had a huge fucking 9 incher and could fuck really well.After a long stressful day a heavy pussy pounding was just what I needed.

  • I kinda saw myself as unfaithful and weak, or just going through a slutty patch, but maybe its stress. Perhaps i just need a good fucking on prescription? I must admit i used to hate the idea of rough sex, but now i love it. I read your comment about a 'heavy pussy pounding' and thought urgh, no, not in to that, but realised that's what i have been craving at the end of a busy week. I feel enlightened

  • Oh yeah I didn't mean rough sex at all.I just meant a nice long,hard Preferably from a guy who's big,has stamina and lasts very long.

  • A sex work out

  • Most definitely.Or massage.

  • Wow shocking! Sounds like every other girl I met at uni.The real brainy ones are usually the worse.They tend to need that release quite alot.

  • I didn't used to be like this, i was very good, but trying to abstain from sex because i was in a long distance relationship just made the sexual tension worse. Also at uni there are so many cute guys in one place, it's hard not to give in to temptation. I think you are right btw, the sexual release really helps me focus, but there are other way to get that release without cheating, so i still feel bad

  • Sex is the best release,only idiots turn to drugs and booze.

  • Yes it is everyone needs orgasms, bigger the stress the more you simply need to release. But nothing is stopping me masterbating, that's not cheating. It's not the same, and i have tried and tried lol

  • I love masturbating but sometimes don't have the energy or patience with myself.

  • Doesn’t sound like you love your boyfriend. What is sounds like is that you love sex. Nothing wrong with that. Why not tell your boyfriend to give things a break. Keep getting all the cock you want and more. Because when you decide to get married all those big hot cocks you gave up will have you regretting it all if nothings pans out with him.
    Now if you were my girl I’d be eating your pussy out so good daily and I’d be sharing you with some big horse cock guys you wouldn’t have to leave me

  • Tbh, I'm not sure i do love him, distance did not make the heart grow stronger. But when I see him, i fall for him all over again. You are right btw, i do love sex, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Why? Keep doing it and keep him on the side. Have a double life, a loving hubby at home and get all the cock you can in uni cos baby it sounds like you need and enjoy it. Chase that big dick cos uni will soon come to an end then you can be a good girl

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