Bald below the eyebrows, who's in favour ?

Since i was a teenager i have been shaving down there, and got quite obsessed about being hairless. Having a bald kitty is high maintenance, shave too much get redness, shave not enough get stubble, so i booked in for laser hair removal. I only wanted to get my kitty done, but they did a full body package. It was expensive and I'm only 23, so i don't earn a fortune, but i think it will be worth it in the long term.
I want to know what people think, i am totally bald and smooth from the eyebrows down, girls, would you do it, is it sexy. Guys, is it a turn on.
All comments welcome.

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  • I’m a fan of a maintained bush, but hairless is definitely sexy too. I wouldn’t mind sucking on some completely hairless pussy lips though

  • Haha have fun with more infections down there as that's why we grow hair there to keep the bugs out.

  • I prefer a hair pussy. Tickles my nose

  • No man wants hair in his teeth. I think it’s a turn off whenever I found out a woman dosent shave down there. I keep myself shaved as woman wants the same thing from a man. Is it a pain to shave my balls, sure, but the sex that I get from women far outweigh the work. And trust me when the word spreads, you will have more than you can handle!

  • Shut up you fool.Women want the same do they?All women want to sleep with little boys do they?And you get more just cuz you shave?haha what a joke!

  • Stay smooth sexy very sexy

  • I love a bald kitty. I love to look at it, touch it and taste it. I've got a completely shaved cock and balls. It's work for either sex but I just love it. My BJ regular girl got me to shave myself when she told me that my pubic hair tickled her nose when she took my cock deep and asked me to trim or shave it all off. She gave me the number of the girl who waxes her and I tried it. We both loved it and have never looked back. Every once in a while she'll let me watch her masturbate and you can see everything happening with her all shaved. Just love it!

  • I personally like a woman with no body hair, especially pubic hair. And know it doesn't mean that I like very young girl's, I like grown women with a hairless smooth pussy.

  • Update, still loving being totally smooth. Seem to get more oral now!

  • Always thought a totally shaved pussy looked a little awkward on a woman. A little bit of well-trimmed, short hair right above her clit works for me. Think of it as a pillow for your nose when you are eating her out. Other than that though, i'm not a fan of body hair.

  • Mmmmm please do it. I hate going down on a woman full of hair and razor stubble. Plus the fact having a hair in your mouth is the next thing to worse.
    Everyone would appreciate.

    Don’t forget wearing a very sexy pair of panties along with a little splash of fragrance and he won’t stop for nothing

  • You have done the right thing male or female I really like shaved, bushy is so untidy particularly when you get pubes between your teeth.

  • Ha ha thanks. I just i am so addicted to super soft skin now

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