My Aunt

What does it mean ?

I am M28 and my aunt is 45.

I have observed that , whenever my aunt visits me, she kind of touches my buttocks whenever she walks past me. and makes it look as accidental touch. She even touches her boobs along my shoulders whenever I am standing besides her.

Once while she hugged me, she got hold of my buttocks and pressed them against her groin area (as if dry humping) and she pressed her boobs along my chest.

She always walks past me closely or even stands so close that I can feel her breath and body heat.

Is this some sort of signal from her ?

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  • An update

    - today, as usual, she was standing close to me & intermittently touching her boobs along my elbow region. I advanced further and started brushing her boobs with my elbow.

    She stood there unmoved and without even showing any signs of objection, just looking at me.

    Even she knew it was not an accidental touch because it was not a soft touch but I was actually moving her breast (mainly the nipples ) with my elbow.

    It lasted for few minutes and we both moved away.

  • If it lasted a few minutes and she did not yell at you then she wants more play.

  • Just press back when she presses up to you.

  • I have tried that couple of times and I have observed that she doesn't move at all.

    That was when I started analyzing the situation and started having a doubt that she is doing it intentionally

  • Go for it.. she would love it. she is seeking your attention badly.

  • Wow amazing... I should be in your place :D

  • Seriously, fuck her.

  • Yep now go flirt with that cougar and bang her brains out.
    Seriously try playing her at her own game. Slide past her and thrust your groin into her backside not hard but just hard enough she gets the hint.
    Cuddle her from behind and gently and slowly blow up her neck to her ear

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