My wife had become cold and had stopped having sex with me. She started going out without me a lot and I suspected that she was cheating on me. It started with me cumming in her shampoo bottle. It made me happy knowing she was rubbing my cum into her hair every morning. Then I started cumming on her toothbrush. Finally in her food. One evening I fixed her a big plate of spaghetti just before she got home. I jerked off into it and mixed it into the sauce. Later I watched as she ate it, completely unaware.

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  • When my wife stops being interested in sex or doing extras I know it’s time to shake things up and make her jealous. I start going out alone, dressing nicer, working out, flirting with women. Once the jealousy gets to her suddenly she’s back to sucking me like she’s back in high school.

  • Wife won't suck me anymore so every day I jerk off on her toothbrush let it all dry on it . the brush becomes rock hard with the dried cum I flex it to make it soft again it smells like cum but every day the dumb cunt scrubs her mouth with my cum if she knew she would rather suck me once in awhile instead

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