Feeling stupid

My friend and I are into daring each other into things. We have done some really stupid things. In the last year we have dared each other into some sexual things. She double dared me into sex with the old guy who lives in the house by the river. I went to the door and started flirting with him she watched me go in the house and she kept watching threw the window as he took me over and over. It's so gross I feel dirty and nasty. I want to get her back in the biggest worst way.

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  • That’s funny I was drunk at a bar with friends I was 23 and buzzed off my ass. One of my friends arrived telling me he needed a wing man I was so out of I I said sure. Getting into the car in the back seat a girl with very long hair was sitting next to me. The music blaring we drove out to a park and got out my friend walked off with his date. I was walking talking to this girl still very buzzed I just started kissing her. I worked off her paintes and we laid on the grass I started fucking her very tight pussy. She was grunting and moaning saying you have a really thick dick. I started pounding her really hard muffling her cries and grunts she stared enjoying it. I twisted her around fucking her every possible position making her cum. Suddenly I heard my friend and the girl he was with said what the fuck are you do with my sister ass hole she’s only 15 yrs old. I did a sudden sober the fuck up what the hell is going on screaming at my friend telling him he didn’t tell me she was only 15. He screamed back saying I didn’t tell you to fuck her either we almost got into a fight. The girls broke us up before I broke my friends jaw, his girlfriend said it’s ok just forget about it. She asked her sister if she was ok her sister said she was fine and we got into the car. We was talking drinking suddenly the girl said to her sister he has a really thick dick. Everyone laughed she said she wasn’t a virgin and I didn’t or wasn’t the first so I felt good about that. Also I enjoyed the fact she kept saying how big my dick was. Her sister made it clear my dick was never to fuck her sister again and I agreed. I never talked to or seen her again it was a running joke with our friends for years

  • You both sound stupid, how old are you? 2? you are a grown adult act like one and grow up.

  • Your stupid we're both 17 and we are just having fun.

  • Well since she dared you to have sex with the dirty old guy by the river, up the dare for her a bit and dare her to get fucked by a dog ;)

  • Some one else said that too lol

  • I'm an old guy that lives by a river. Send her over to my place and I will fuck the living shit out of her, front and rear both. You can take videos and pics, and send them to her friends and family.

  • That would be great if you could do that

  • Get a dog to fuck her

  • So that's like so gross. I want her to be embarrassed but that is too much.

  • Pussy! She’d love it and be totally humiliated at the same time

  • You could always come to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

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