Card decides

I thought up a new game to play using a pack of cards.the suite card decides spank position and with or without underwear . the number card decides the number of strokes a jack is worth 11 a king is worth 12 a queen is worth 13 a ace is worth double the value of next card turned over.the joker is worth a treble strokes of next card. The girls and boys love playing this game . the person who does spanking is person who cuts the highest card value .



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  • I tried your card game with my daughter.i agree it is fun and exciting you can not wait for next card she enjoyed it except when it came out as a naked card .I going to get more people in for next card game.thanks Gareth I will phone you

  • It is a great game I also played it using a three dices first dice decided number of strokes . second dice was position and if bare or not even number clothing on odd number clothing off .third dice decide who is spanker .if you can think of better game please tell me.

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