Old, noble lady caused my fetish for gloves and leather...

It has been about 17 years now. That old, very sophisticated lady is probably dead, but that encounter with her makes my penis stiff and wet as if it was yesterday. She - innocently - caused my first erection and lust in my life.

It was in 2003, when I, a young and innocent teenager, took the bus home to the suburbs where we lived. It was winter, about 16:00 (4PM) and I was waiting with the others at the bus stop. Bus line 5 would be packed as usual, but this time it would reveal what it feels like when my hormones take over.
As the bus arrives, an old gentlewoman is very close to me and as we both enter, we get both shoved down the row of seats.

That lady was an attractive, old woman, probably in her 70s: White, well-groomed hair, red lipstick. She wore black mink or fur coat and one of these black fur hats with a net over her face. A very wealthy woman that played perfectly with black, white and red. Tasteful and wearing her old clothes made of a quality you can't buy nowadays anymore. Surely she did not have to take public transportation, but she did anyways, maybe she was a widow of a wealthy man, even though she looked tough and experierenced herself.

The bus was dimly lit (NEOPLAN busses from the 90s) and the condensation on the windows gave this busride a dark, cold feel. As the bus was about to accelerate, I blindly reached my right hand up and grabbed the rail. Well, that's what I thought. Actually, I felt something warm and spongy.. I was confused for a moment, looked up and - I grabbed the old women's hand! Not only did I grab it, I fully encased it as she was a rather small lady. Her hand was already at the same spot that I blindly reached for. Sounds like a normal encounter, but, oh boy, it was not..

My hands were bare, so I expected the cold metal of the rail, surely not the warmth and suppleness that I felt. But the woman was wearing only the finest money could buy - including her handwear. So I was actually grabbing her *gloved* left hand. As I encased her hand, all my fingertips had contact with her glove, including my palm and larger parts of my hand. And with my hand being naked, I could feel her glove on my hand's skin. And so it came that my fingertips and said portions of my hand literally sunk into her glove - and I felt the absolute irresistable feel of the softest, most tender leather you can imagine! The old lady wore long, black gloves made of 100% super soft leather. They were several decades old, with a beautiful patina, you could see the fine texture of extremely high-quality lamb leather from the 50s or 60s. The leather was smooth and supple, each finger looked like a Twix bar because the soft leather of each finger was in 20, 30 deep wrinkles. The length of that glove was unknown as it went down into her coat's sleeve, at this time about 25cm (10 inch) long, far over her wrist. At the entry of her coat, the glove was diagonally wrinkled, meaning 4, 5 deep leather wrinkles showcasing said softness and quality... And the moody ligthing made it more intriguing.

I was sorry of course, still mesmerized by both the touch and the look of her long, black leather glove that I just full-force grabbed into. She smiled at me, and moved a bit further down so I could finally held on the rail. Now, the sleeve rolled down and I could actually see that these gloves were 6-button length, about maybe 30cm. For about 5 cm, her arm was uncovered from neither the coat nor the glove, so I could see her bare arm's pale skin. This however also gave me a look into the glove - they had a super smooth, light-brown interiour (today I know: It was silk...!!). From the way the silk lining gently touching along the lady's lower arm and the absolute tenderness of the still deeply wrinkled leather glove I could only think about the warmth and comfort inside it! I was in envy! My penis was stiff and sticky at this moment, something I never had before. I never touched such a beautiful material like this soft leather of her glove - but also the noblesse and style of this woman was impressive at the same time!

I then had a crazy, even disgusting idea: I went closer to the lady - which was facing away - and slowly creeped my head closer to her glove. My nose was next to the entry of her glove, which opened a bit like a gauntlet glove - and sniffed. The smell of warm leather, "old woman's bedroom/wardrobe" and sweat were emitted from the glove. My hormones went crazy. Before I moved back to a normal position, I took a deep breath and breathed in the smell of warm leather and old women's sweat coming from the inside of the gloves (the lining must've soaked up her sweat over the decades). Weirdly seducing!

But I want to touch this leather so much again! My brain already said "bye", I was on hormones. Staring at black, soft leather while my penis throbs due to the smell of both leather and the lady's sweetish sweat, I had to held back not to just bluntly touch her wrinkled leather glove. But I'd be lucky that day. As the bus reaches the commercial district, many people leave, forcing us both to move forward. She holds on the now vertical handrail and moved her gentlewoman's body 90° to the side so the passengers could pass to the door. I was standing right below a neontube of the bus, and now her *left* hand - no, arm - was in full glory and brigthness in front of my eyes like a big tease! I almost came free from that sight: Her entire glove was vertically in front of my eyes. From the leather-clad fingers over to almost her ellbow - when the coat began again. She displayed 95% of her leather glove by accident, but the look.. The pitch-black leather was deepy wrinkled and crinkled, but still encasing her arm like a 2nd skin. I just could not resist anymore and acted like I make room for the passengers, too and seek for my own spot on the vertical handrail. And then I caused myself a wet pleasure: As I fake-searched for a place on the rail, I spread my fingers like a claw-machine - and swept along her left leather glove over a length of easily 15-20cm. The amount of black and tender leather I touched, coupled with the looks - my fingertips caused mini-wrinkles to appear and disappear - was insane. Of course her left glove was equally spongy (due to the lining) and also made of penis-stiffening sinfully soft leather. She did not notice at all! As I touched her long, soft leather glove, I almost came free-handed.

4 stops later, I left. It was my stop. The lady kept on riding. I still have the feel of her leather-sweat from deep inside her gloves in my nose, and the feel of tender leather on each fingertips - I touched both her left and right leather glove with either of my hands...

This day kindled my fetish, and I was only 13 years.. It took me another 16 years to finally search for such gloves second-hand.

Meanwhile, I would repeat what I did at that day: During winter times, I would scan the passengers hands. Occassionaly, one black leather-gloved hand would stand out, and I swiped over it. The amount of old women's leather gloves I touched is immense, and a pleasure each time!

To this day, I love women's vintage gloves. I buy them off of eBay, etsy and drift stores. I even wear them, as I have small hands. It's a multi-layered pleasure: These gloves are great to wear and fit my hands. But also made of extremely soft leather. Quality you can't buy today. One long pair has the great lining and tender leather I am talking about - and I get horny when I smell and touch them! And the other one looks fantastic, with an embellishment on them. When I touch the black, tender leather of them, I gather pre-cum every second...

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