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Well I think I crossed the line and love it. So me and the wife aren't strangers to sex toys little anal beads cock rings pocket rocket for when I'm not home or when I'm 69 her. So I buy 9" pink dildo set of fake balls on it 1-1/4 diameter not to big and a nice curve to it. So I waiting in bed for her stroking my hard cock put the dildo under the pillow with some lube so she don't see. She jumps in bed naked before you know it we are making out will she puts her arm under my head and finds the dildo and lube takes a look at it with eyes wide open says WOW whats this. I say was going to play with her with it as we 69 . She goes hmmm well we make out more and she says you get on top in the 69 . Ok why not well she starts sucking me as I like her beautiful pussy slow . I hear a click and its the line she opened. I ask what you doing she like just lube my finger so relax .Well ain't the first time a let her finger my ass by now my cock throbbing little precum oozing. She starts rubbing my taint and teasing my rose bud and feels good as she slides a finger I let out a small moan. In the moment I feel this long shaft running the length from my ass past my taint . It feels so good I start relaxing pushing my ass up I feel the dildo over my rose bud going in circles then stop trying to go in as I tighten up she smacks my ass and says relax . That turned me on more I feel that head pop in and let out a big moan and my cock squirt . As I think it's in I feel it going in and pop second seal in there . I let out the biggest sigh like a bitch and the curve must of hit my prostate cause my cock was dripping precum all over. As I'm in extesy I pushing my ass so it goes deeper I cant control myself I'm in a trans. She shoving this dildo up my ass till the fake balls hit my taint saying you like my balls slapping you . A good 30 minutes of ass pounding she gives me and I blow my load on her tits and stomch. As i getting off i feel this slide out ass feeling used dont what to think . She says come here lick this up . I lick the cum off her chest and stomch and french kiss her deeply. We fell asleep as I got up in the morning to use the rest she if my ass sore I told her a little and she smacks it. And says we going to do this more often bitch she gave a look and says she serious. Well she was she bought a strap on fuck me were my ass hole sore for two days . I her sissy now

4 months ago

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    • My wife did this the first time I told her about me taking a fat cock in my asshole when I was a kid. And then I let her know about me sucking dicks until I was 25 and that I like the feeling of a dildo in my ass. She bought a fat 8" dildo that squirts. Put it in her strap on harness and when she was fucking my hole she squeeze the pump on it and I was cuming hard to getting my asshole filled up by her thick cock. She pulled it out rinsed it off refilled it and grabbed my head and mouth fucked me. She slid it into my throat and when she was in as deep as she could get it she made it cum. The next morning she made me cum in the squirt ball and in my throat it went and squirt it and I swallowed away. Now she is looking for a couple of men to hold me down and fuck me and fill me up with sperm.

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