Proud Sissy Boy

I'm male, 18 years old, and a proud cross dresser. I like girl's clothes. There's really all there is to it, aside from obviously being gay. Girl's clothes are more comfortable than men's, and have lasted longer than any other clothes I've owned. Skirts especially are one of my favorite things to wear, but I've been getting into lingerie recently too. White lingerie looks best on me, in my opinion.

Sometimes when i'm bored, i go onto dating sites and pretend to be a girl. When i'm asked for nudes, i have no problems coming through. The reactions are the best part! It's hilarious to be told off by an angry straight guy that i'm disgusting, and that i'll be reported!! Hahaha it's like just block me already, and quit being a sore loser ;p

You'd also be surprised how many "straight" guys are flexible, or willing to meet up for a good time. I once got a guy to send nudes back! He had a great cock too. I would have happily sucked him dry, or rode him until he passed out... Trust me, his girlfriend is in good hands~

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  • I like dressing up being a girl going up and down on my wife's dildo while licking my pre cum off her panties I am wearing...just love being fucked in my man slit when I am being a naughty girl

  • Ever since I was fucked by an older boy when I was in grade school I gravitated towards girls clothes, mainly panties at first. I looked gorgeous in them, my exceptionally well shaped tight fresh ass attractive boys when in white cotton underpants drove them wild when sporting my sister's ruffled panties. I love it!

  • You got this, bro! Crossdressing boys are the best. I - a 20 year old female - hope, that it will become accepted soon for boys to wear "girlclothes". You look amazing in it!

  • Wish I knew girls like you. A gf in college persuaded me to let her give me a makeover. I looked very hot, very sexy, it blew my mind when I looked in the mirror and saw a girl looking back. She laughed hysterically though. It was like it was a trick, she talked me into it, then laughed at me when I let her do it. She wanted me to talk like a girl and laughed about it. So I felt humiliated, even though it turned me on to look like that. If she had planned it better and had me dressup before she began laughing, I would have liked it better. But I shied away from it all after being humiliated for it. Wish I knew a girl like you.

  • I love cross dressing. I don’t want intimacy when dressed, I want dick. It surprised me how many men didn’t really care that I was a guy. A blow job or anal, fill me up then I’m gone. Some guys even enjoyed playing with my fake breast while fucking me. I enjoyed them talking dirty to me, telling me how good I could suck cock, telling me how good my asshole felt as they pounded away at it.

  • I started dressing up in my sister's stuff almost immediately after an older boy popped my cherry boipussy.

  • Sweetie do you have a girl name ?
    Do you go all out with makeup and with wigs ?
    Do you go out in public done up ?

  • So good Darling but you don't have to be gay to love lingerie and cross dressing in fact three of my friends and I are straight our wives know, support and assist, once a month we have meeting were the guys are really done up and act very femme we try to outdo each other. I really love PVC, plastic and Latex they are so very sexy particularly my french maids outfits, catsuits and PVC panties that I wear all the time I have 12 pair with 5 matching bra's.
    While home I always am femme with make up and wigs so very sexy, my wife likes making love while I am femme as well.

  • Honey, you do not have to pretend to be a girl, openly present yourself as a sissy, a lot of horny guys like that and you will be sucking tons of "straight" cock before you know it.

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