Married man looking my first female affair in Milwaukee

So I've been married for about 15 years and I've never stepped out of my marriage. However, over the past few years the physical intimacy has been little to none. Before marriage, it was fuck any time, any where and any place. I've been patient with the situation. However, it's running out... I'm looking for females in Milwaukee who understand and are interested in helping resolve my situation.

1 month ago

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    • Ok sexy I posted i n the one labeled Meet at Moxie s, you were the only one to post there until my post wishing you a good morning ❤️😘😍

    • I’m moving there now😘

    • Morning Baby let’s move up a couple of post to the meeting at Moxies post it should let us do full post let me know when you are there then I will post you a hot one Loves you my cum daddy ❤️😘😍

    • The posts are in order, it's not allowing to post longer ones so you may need to hreak them up into smaller ones...

    • You greet me standing on your porch to my suprise your wearing spme really sexy lingerie and those sexy black high heel boots. I pull you out the door and pin you against the side of the house kissing you passionately groping your body dor all your neighbors to see, your so turned pn you don't care. You take me by the hand and lead me into the house. Once were inside we start making our way to your marital bed, you removing my cloths leaving a trail ad we go. We get to your bed where i push you down and start to tease your body kissing your neck shoulders your breasts are heaving up and down with each breath i remove the top portion and let them fall free and start to suck and lick your nipples, I bite then you grab the back of my head as I do.

    • I then work my way down your stomach and your sides, then to your outet thighs and inner thighs. Itfeels like dorever before I finaly begin to lick and suck you pussy and clit you instinctively spread your legs showing your bull Robert his now owened pussy. After a few minutes you start ro beg me to put my bare cock inside your married fertile unprotected pussy. We spend the day fucking over and over again, I put load after load of my sweet hot seed deep inside your body. The sounds of sex fills the room, the smell of musk and sex fill the air in the room. I lay on Tony's side of the bed letting my sweat and spent cum stain the sheets my smell soaking into the fabric. Leaving no doubt that a real man was fucking and satisfying his wife as he never could.

    • I guess my message didn't go through... ok well let's try iy again.😘❤️

    • For starts Amy has a very nice pussy it taste so sweet snd she has very large pussy lips Derrick has really stretched her her out she can take Rick in her asshole and Derrick in her pussy real ease Pam cried out and started tearing up as Derrick went balls deep into her unprocessed pussy and pumped his bbc cum deep in her but I’m ready for you Baby I want you to grab me up and feel me up as so as we meet I told Tony I would be spending the whole first weekend alone with you just us and he might as well get ready because it’s going to be in my married bed he is going out of town that weekend so I can stay on a Robert cum high god I can’t wait to get my hands on you I hope it’s not much longer I love you my sex master you better start finding me some collage age guy to destroy my asshole as you command them of what to do to me ❤️😘😍

    • Each day my mind races, what does my cum slut Ashley's voice sound like. How her soft skin feels to the touch. Your scent, how you taste. How tight your pussy is how wet you get. Each day my mind races thinking about our first encounter, will it be loving and tender or will it be hot, hard, naughty and nasty? Some of each? Will the marks I leave on your body make you masterbate endlessly till we meet again? How will we greet each other? A simple hug. A passionate embrace wher we loose all control and I caress and freely touch your body anywhere I desire because there's no limitations on where I can touch your body. Do I grab your ass, do I smach your ass? Do I teach down and cup my hand over your pussy? What if it's in a public place? Will I care who sees, will you care who sees? ❤️😘🥰

    • Hey sexy girl, sorry to hear that... all things considered that was a drop in the bucket... I am thrilled to hear that you ha such a hot, nasty, naughty time!! I would have loved to see yiu struggle to fit him in your mouth. That must have been teally hot for you to watch your whore Pam being so obedient to you and suckhis dirty cock clean. How did Amy's pussy taste? I would have loved to witness him going inch by inch until he was balls deep in your asshole, watching the tears and makeup run down your face! Thats right my nasty obident whore, take his cock like the good little bitch you have become. I would have loved to be in your squirting wet pussy filling it with my hot sweet seed. I can't wait to fuck you Ashley my cum slut, hearing your voice tell me all the filthy things you've done and all you still crave to do. I love you too😘🥰❤️

    • Hey Baby my phone died had to get another one that’s my luck Oh Robert let me tell you last night was for sure something I’ve never experienced in my life we all started out kissing the girls eating pussy and sucking Rick and Derrick’s dicks Rick is average size around six inch’s but Derrick is at least ten and his girth unbelievable I couldn’t hardly fit it in my mouth after awhile Amy ask if Rick could fuck my asshole I said yes he fucked me doggy for about ten mins I knew in my mind I needed this if I was going to take Derrick Rick shot his load in me and pulled out and I command Pam to clean his dick of our juices Amy lay down in front of me and I started eating her sweet pussy then I felt Derrick start to rub that monster up and down my ass crack I knew what was about to happen he started the head in my ass with Ricks cum as lube and I started to moan in pain as he went deeper I started to cry my makeup was running down my face as Amy said just relax and take him god Robert I felt like my asshole was ripping as it was burning like fire then his balls hit my pussy I knew he was all the way in I cried as he fucked me it hurt like pure hell but I enjoyed it knowing I was being Robert’s dirty nasty bitch taking my first bbc in my life I wanted you in my pussy at the same time I squirted so hard snd loud I screamed out Robert fuck me I Love You Robert I shouted out loud oh my god he pulled that big monster out of me and shot cum all over my naked sweaty twitching body Pam and Amy help clean me up as we shared his cum I can’t wait to get home to fuck you baby and tell you all the nasty things I’ve done Love You ❤️😘😍

    • That's exciting that you wete able to leave!! (Now stay out of the hospital) 😘🥰❤️ i want you to suck his big cock, take as far as you can go down on it, then go further. Look up at gim with tears running down your face choking on his cock. Make your pussy squirt at his feet. Make him talk dirty to you calling you a whore and cum slut. Adress him as sir as he's degradeding you. Do as he instructs you to do. I want to let yourself go and show him what a nasty worthless whore will do. For het loaf of cum. Make a video for Tony to see, make sure he sees you serving yhat big bbc, imagine the fear on Tony's face as he realizes your doing something he feared and use that as motivation to be a good cum slut Derrick. 🥰❤️

    • You will take their first loads on your face then you will eat every last drop of cum and beg for more.

    • Sorry for no comments yesterday afternoon I was getting out of the hospital and was exhausted when we got back to Amy’s and went to sleep Thanks for your blessings on the group sexual don’t know I hope can handle Derrick in my asshole Amy said he’s a solid 10 inch’s and huge girth I want him to hurt me though I told her my pussy is off limits to any man except Robert they can only fuck my asshole he’s coming over later today I really can’t wait to taste Amy’s pussy I wish you were here to join us baby I would like to see that fucking nasty bitch Kari fucked in her asshole by a group of big dick guys and shot their cum all over her naked filthy body I Love You ❤️😘😍

    • Where do you want me to take Rick and Derricks cum my master

    • Amy told Pam last night she had been fucking a black guy and Rick had been watching them and Amy wanted to know if Pam and I wanted to join them some times I told Pam we had to ask Robert first he was in control of my sex acts now

    • Yes baby you have my blessing . Second post below.❤️

    • I'm glad tou feel better!! Hopefully ypu get out today. Naughty slut good job! I think you gave him something hell never forget lol how did your ass taste on his cock? Was it ss nasty and hot as you were hoping for? I wsnt you to fuck ss many cocks ad tou can today just like you did this morning. Did you like my post this morning how does it make you feel Ashley my worthless whore? 😘🥰❤️

    • Oh Robert I makes me feel so nasty and yes his big dick tasted nasty good I’ve been thinking about that bitch Kari I want to taste that worthless bitches cum on your big bent dick and balls so bad as you fuck me hard and deep in my unprotected pussy I will ask you Robert did you ever fuck that worthless bitch whore of a wife Kari like this I would ask you does Kari pussy feel better than mine and then you fuck me so hard your cum explodes all inside me my dream would be have her watch me being breed by her husband and make her taste my cum mixed with her husbands I would make her lick it off my fingers as I slapped that bitches face and punched her tits and tell her your husband Robert is mine now you will only be his worthless bitch servant ❤️😘😍

    • Omg Ashley you fucking whore!! Dod it make your pissy run wet while you sucked his dirty cock clean? Did it make you crave to do it again? Reading your comments above made my cock rock hard! I felt my balls pulsate and release precum and felt it running down the head of my cock and drip on my ball's 😘🥰❤️

    • Morning Baby I’m feeling so much better I’ve even had my cum this morning my little young friend came in and I said did you like what we did yesterday he said yes mam I did I pulled the cover back and showed him my bare asshole and pussy Ilya on my side at the edge of my bed and told him spit on my asshole and and slid it in he dropped his scrub pants and spit on his big dick and my asshole and I told him one hard trust to go balls deep when he did I griped the sheets as his big dick trusted in and out of me hard and fast he unload another huge load of cum inside my ass in about five mins he so young and horny he said thank you Ms Ashley but I told him come here and I sucked his big limp dick clean and his balls I did as my master told me to do I Love You So Much hope I get out of here today❤️😘😍

    • OMG Ashley that made my fucking hard, as I read that I watched the precum slowly run ot of my cock. I didn't even hav to pump my cock it just started dripping. I bet it made your pussy wet ro say those thing's about Kari didn't it? Tell me how it made you feel, Ashley. It made me so fucking horny and want to dominate your ass as you say those thing's as we fuck. I want to put you in doggie spit on your hot asshole then shove my hard bent cock deep inside your ass with one thrust. I just want to pound your asshole I want to see the look of pain in your eyes as I thrust hard and deep, I won't show you any mercy i want to smack your married owned ass so hard ypu can see my hand prints on your body, I want to see the shape of my hand on your ass. I want to wrao my hair so tight around my hand and yank back so hard it hurts. I want to force you onto your stomach while im still deep in your asshole, pushing and thrusting non stop making you cry out in pain and pleasure. I will roll roll us onto or sides then reach around and grab your throat and choke you hard as I thrust. I'll reach down to your tits and nipples I'll slap and pinch them. You'll have a toy in your pussy making your ass feel tighter. I'll work my way down to your clit where I'll rub and slap it as my cock starts to pulsate in your asshole. I'll unload my my hot sticky cum deep into that hingry asshole. You'll feel the hottest from my load shooting in you.

    • As I'm unloading I'll grunt and choke you as will make my orgasm will be more powerful, knowing this is how my worthless whore likes to be treated. I will then climb on top of you and make you clean my cock and then I'll kennel over your face and have you lick and suck my my hot sweat balls and ass. I want to feel you spreading my ass so you can get your nouth and tongue deep in my ass and all around it worshipping it. Ashley you nasty fucking worthless whore, you released the beast from deep within my soul, he will feast on your sexual needs and desires. Feed me well reward Robert for releasing your inner whore.😘🥰😍❤️

    • OMG Robert that made me so fucking hot snd wet Pam is asleep beside me and I can’t wait to watch you fuck her virgin asshole so hard she cries in pain I too want th same pain of you fucking my asshole pulling our and whipping our ass and calling us dirty cheap whores I wish I could also take Kari to a cheap motel and tie her to the bed so you could fuck that useless bitch in her ass as I forced her face into my asshole full of your cum I would pinch and slap kari’s tits till they were red I would tell her she is not worthy of Robert because she’s a cheap bitch and I would then bit on her clit as you continued to pound her asshole she would worship my pussy with her husbands cum inside of it snd beg me to make her a whore too and she would be my piece of shit slut whore to sell her naked body to all men she would know that Robert was Ashley’s master now I would tell her you fucking bitch eat you husbands cum out of my asshole or I will whip your bare pussy with my leather whip till it’s swollen and red I would then make the worthless bitch drink my piss as you pissed on me god Robert I’m so horny for you now❤️😘😍

    • Very good my little slut! I think that he should cum in your ass and before he has a chance to clean his cock and walk away and suck it clean and milk out every drop of cum for him. Show him how a real woman treats a man. Not like a little 20 something bitch that has no experience or idea how to satisfy a man. With Pam I'll start out slow and loving but as she gets more turned on I'll start smacking her ass, I will yank her hair and make her eyes tear up and her eye liner eun down her face. I will teach around and wrap my hand around her throat and squeeze until she feels dizzy then I will let her take a breath and repeat my actions. I will take one of your toy's and start to work it in her ass as I'm deep inside her. I will call her names no man has ever called her and degrade her, I will make her feel, used, cheap and dirty. She will feel worthless and she will start to realize that she has one purpose in life. That is being subservient and obedient to a man. That she is only useful for the man's pleasure she is his. What you'll be doing Ashley as I fuck Pam's virgin ass, you'll be looking her deep in her eye's telling her how much you want her to be my whore. You'll degrade her, kiss her as I thrust hard in her ass, you'll wrap your hand around her throat and squeeze. It will turn you on your pussy will run wet, you have power over her. She breaths only when you let her, then you make her lick your pussy and ass. Then you will 69 her and kiss my swaty balls and ass then well switch places.

    • I forgot to say that after I came deep in Pam's virgin asshole and your lying underneath her in the 69 position, I'm going to piss down over her ass and pussy letting it rain down over you as you suck her pussy.

    • Ashley you worthless fucking whore!! You made my fucking cock jump when you called Kari a bitch!! I want you to tell me how tou feel just like that! Vulgar nasty degrading thing's you feel towards her! Make the beast inside me rage as it will reward you with a hard, rough, passionate fuck session! one where we leave marks, scratches, bites and bruises as the animalistic, raw, fucking to just get off. Ashley I know you want to take her place don't you? Come take it I dare you. 😘😍

    • Two comments below

    • Two below

    • My sexy slut next time he comes in to check on you Iwantyou to suckhis soul out through his cock, make his eyes roll so far back into his skull they get stuck. She will no longer do these hot things Ashley... that's why I need to fuck you because I know you don't have any limits. Im going to fuck you hard in every hole and flood you with my sweet hot seed. 😘🥰😍❤️

    • I let him fuck my mouth he stood on side of my bed and he mouth fucked me I really needed taste his young cum it was a very big load and he quivered as I swallowed his dick and young cum as he pinched my hard nipples I wish he could have fuck me in my asshole but oh well I mad his day and mine he said he had a girl friend but she couldn’t suck dick anywhere close to that I will suck him again tomorrow when he comes back to work ❤️😘😍

    • Very good my naughty little cum slut. Tomorrowyou can convince him to fuck your ass 😉. You will ask him if anyone elsy would like to have their cock sucked and drained. Ashley you will suck as many hospital staffs cocks as you can every day until you are discharged. Do you understand me? 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Yes master I understand I’m going to lay on my side tomorrow when he comes back in with my asshole and pussy showing and ask him has he every fucked and old woman in her ass I really want him to he’s dock is very nice size do you want him to cum in my mouth or asshole Baby you tell me god I want you now ❤️😘😍

    • Ashley my sexy slut I think that we're so attracted to each other is because were so sexually similar, that we have an animalistic bond that makes us crave one another. Up until this point in our lives we've not met anyone who can fulfill our raw desires or anyone who can challenge what we thought we wanted and need from a sexual partner.

    • You are so right and want you to fuck any women you can to Baby just bring me their cum on that big beautiful bent dick for me to clean up I can’t wait to get to Amy’s house and try and get her and Rick to play with Pam and myselfLove You❤️😘😍

    • Well my dirty worthless whore, you will provide me with women to fuck and breed. You will take pleasure in making sure my cock is always wet and dirty for you to clean, you will make sure they understand that they will not take birth control and that I will not use condoms with them either. We Ashley my love will train them together. ❤️😘🥰

    • Yes baby Pam and I are so ready for you to pump your cum deep into our unprotected pussy please tell me Baby how you will treat Pam as I watch you fuck her virgin asshole for the first time and tell me what I will be doing as you take her asshole virginity god I want your dick now Robert damn it I want you to fuck Kari and cum deep in her and think about I’m cumming in Ashley and make the bitch clean up you big dick for you ❤️😘😍

    • Read my post down below Baby I know I’m in the hospital but this cute little guy that’s about middle to upper 20’s that keeps checking my monitor that I have to opening my gown up and exposing my hard nipples to is turning me on with his flirting I might have to suck him off 😘

    • That's really hot my nasty worthless whore, my married cock is hard from reading your comments . You want to call out her name as I fuck you hard and fast. You want to know her name so you can picture her as my married cock is deep within your hungry pussy. You want to know her name so you can thank her for not worshiping my cock. You want to know her name so you can thank her for making Robert being out the dirty worthless whore deep inside you! You want to know her name as I put my cum deep inside you can scream her name. You want to know her name so you can degrade her as we fuck, It will release a raw primal beast from deep within and every nasty, naughty and degrading word will feed it and making the sexual anmial mir hungry and dominant. Ashley I Robert command you to bring out the beast! Ashley much like the nasty worthless whore can never go back nor can this sexual beast you will set free. Her name is Kari now release me Ashley. 😘😍🥰❤️❤️

    • Oh Robert I do want want to call out Kari I’m letting your husband pump his sweet cum deep in my fertile unprotected pussy and I would call out that I love the taste of her cum on her husbands dick balls and asshole I never want her to lick or suck your balls again because they are mine and your ass is only mine to tongue fuck I do want you to not clean that big beautiful bent dick of my cum sometime and carry it home for Kari to taste our mixed cum on her husbands dick as I will take your load of cum home in my asshole for Tony to taste I was going to tell you before I landed in the hospital I did see Amy’s husband Rick through the door crack shaving naked and he is very hung I think Amy would play with Pam and I not sure yet but if she would let Rick play would it be ok with my owner I know he would hurt me fucking my asshole till I got adjusted to him but I’m asking now just in case what would you like Amy and Rick to do with Pam and myself and would you be good with Rick and I one on one tell me what I need to do my master and as for you I want you to fuck Kari hard and rough and be thinking your cumming in Ashley Love You❤️😘😍

    • Ashley my good little cum slut that's hot and a good start, don't be shy about being vulgar when using her name and what you say, it will only make me fuch tou harder and more roughly my balls and ass belong to only you my worthless whore. Ashley my whore you have my blessing to let Rick fuck you in the ass and suck his cock should it be allowed by his wife. For Pam she needs more cum put deep in her unprotected pussy, pam should train Amy to be her whore😉 Ashley I want you to fuck and suck as many men in Atlanta as you can before you leave. Love you too.😘❤️

    • Oh Robert I do want a big dick shove in my asshole hard and rough right now and feel the cum pour into my tight asshole Robert I can’t wait for you to have control of selecting me multiple young well hung guy to fuck me in my ass and make it hurt as their huge cocks stretch me open as I worship your cock and you command the guys to treat me rough and dirty I want you slap me with your dirty dick that is covered with Kari’s dried cum then I will suck her salty dried cum from your big bent dick as you fuck me and start to cum in my unprotected fertile pussy I will scream out Kari Ashley is being breed by your husband as you fill me with fertile cum will Kari let you fuck her in her ass god I want you so bad right now❤️😘😍

    • Six down post😘

    • Good morning Ashley my love. Keep up the good fight on getting healthy! Get some good rest and relaxation I'm willing you my positive energy and a big hug.❤️

    • Hello my sweet love Robert I’ve read all the post and Pam has been with me ever step of the way and Amy has also I have missed talking to you my dirty little owner I’m feeling much better today Amy just brought me some lunch this hospital food sucks I like to suck but not on food haha I am so ready to get home to meet you and play with you I want to us to get naked and you flip inside my pussy deep and then we hold each other tight and you slowly stroke me and unload that big load of sweet cum you’ve been holding for me all inside me and hold that big bent dick deep in me as our naked body’s stick together god Robert I can’t hardly wait I want to feel you make soft sweet love to for hours pumping your sweet cum into me over and over ILOVE YOU BABY!!!😍❤️

    • Hello my beautiful sexy Ashley! I am so elated that you're feeling so much better. Yeah hospital food can be a gamble.... ive missed talking to you too my dirty little cum slut. I have three things that you will be sucking😉 I'm so teady to be naked with you too, slowly making love to you, there's a huge load of cum building up. I crave to feel our bodies getting hot and sweaty togather our nude skin sticking to one another. I want to taste the saltiness on your skin. I want to feel your heart beating faster as you feel my bare cock twitching deep inside your unprotected pussy. I want you to feel the heat from my hot sweet cum going inside your body. I want to see the look in your eyes as you allow another man to release his seaman in your body, something you thought you would never do. I LOVE YOU sexy girl.😘❤️

    • Everyday I’m there with you my heart aches my body aches for you naked beautiful bare big bent dick and big cum filled balls and tight sexy ass all three that I want to lick suck and taste when I get home before we meet I want you to fuck your wife and cum inside her and make her cum also but do not clean my big bent dick before I can suck snd clean all her and your cum mix of of that big bent dick I want to taste your dick being covered in new cum from you and your wife then taste your sweet cum alone I’m so ready for some new cum in my life and it makes me so fucking hot thinking of my married lover bring his and his wife’s cum to me for me to clean off his married dick Robert you have let the dirty naughty side of me out tell me how you will fuck your wife to make her cum on that big bent dick for me to taste ❤️😍🥰 Love You !!!

    • Ashley my cum slut you alteady have me so fucking hard and leaking precum all over. I'm going to rub my cock up and down her slitand focus on her clit with the head if my cock, that drives her crazy and makes her more wet. Then ill slowly push my cock deep into her pussy deep slow thrusting until she's more wet then ill do deep thrusts and pause while fully in her. Then shallow strokes pulling out and rubbing her clit with my wet cock then back inside her pussy, I'll fuck her pussy faster and harder, ill reach down while I'm fucking her and play with her ass as I do that I'll suck and bite her nipples and breasts. Ill make sure my balls are covered in her cum and it runs down over my asshole. I'll do my best to make sure my cock, balls and ass sweaty wet and sticky. So that when we meet you will be able to smell the cum and sweat through my pants. Is that what you want my worthless whore? Do you want my dirty used cock going bare into your pussy? You want your tongue to feel my dirty, sweaty, wet asshole pushing your tongue inside my ass? Grinding your face on and s ucking my asshole. Is that what you crave my worthless whore? Ashley my worthless whore/cum slut, when ever we fuck like animals it's ass to mouth, ass to pussy. You will take my dirty cock eagerly and willingly do you understand me Ashley? 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Oh yes my love I’m getting wet reading this I do want this to happen I want to taste you wife’s cum dried on your dick and big balls and asshole I want to taste her on you and know another woman’s husband is about to fuck me like an animal I love the thought of her cum all on that big bent dick of you so I can taste the salty ness of her cum on you god Robert I’m getting wet I wish I was at Amy’s house with toys what’s her name if you don’t mind i might call out her name as I eat cum from my own pussy god I’m so ready to be out of this hospital I love you Robert ❤️😍😘

    • Good morning Ashley my love ❤️. Good morning Pam. I spent a fairly sleepless night thinking about you. The progress and the setbacks too. Thinking about what I could do more for you, sending all the positive thoughts I can to you. Knowing that it's difficult to find peace in the hospital and being comfortable enough to get a good night's rest. I know you're home sick and want to be in your own bed around the things that make you feel at peace and complete. I vjust wamtef to say hello to you and hopefully youllbe in your own private room today. 😘🥰😍❤️

    • Hello Robert this is Pam they finally moved Ashley in a private room they are backing off some of her Meds she’s doing very well for what she’s been through I pretty sure you will hear from her tomorrow she had a long day snd very exhausted and she is a sleeping beauty right now I’m so happy she going to be ok the doctor she has now is the greatest I will let you know more tomorrow but I feel like she will be able to talk tomorrow sending our Loves !!!

    • That's very good to hear! I can only imagine how tired she is. You have to be tired too... Pam, get a good nights sleep, too. Sendi my love back ro you two.

    • Please tell me you're not back in the hospital.....

    • Robert this is Pam she is back in the hospital in Sorry it took so long to let you know it’s been a bad time she had another heart attack and she coded in the ER they got her back and she is in ICU she’s sort of out of it but the dr said the medicines are doing it so she can rest they checked her heart and said she should recover just fine she is a strong woman and I will be by her side she maybe able to move to a room tomorrow I’ll let you know sorry it took so long as soon as she can I will have her talk to you thank you for making my best friend and partner so happy Robert we love you

    • Please give her a big hug and a kiss for me. I'm sorry she had another heart attack and coded....(that just scared me a bit)I wish there was something I could do to help her more. It's also good to know her meds are doing their job, too. I know that we've never met, but she's indeed a very strong woman. Your friendship and bond to her is amazing. She's always raving about you. No one owes any apology, it's a lot to process and deal with. Pam you're a strong woman too, your compassion and care for her is beyond reproach. I've been lucky to have met Ashley and been able to get to know her and know you too. She's made my daily life more intresting and really fun. Ashley thank you for giving me something to look forward to. I love you two as well.

    • I’ll keep you up to date hope she can be in a private room by tomorrow and Thank you so much❤️😘

    • Ok. 😘❤️

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