Wife had enough to drink

My wife and I have a good relationship, we were friends for a while before we ever dated. Now married 8 years, we have had a good bit of fun with each other.
She had a bachelorette party to go to, Knew she would have fun, and knew it would be a good idea to watch the drinking. When her friends get together they can drink a lot.
Before she left, she said she hoped to be home by midnight and if I wanted she would wake me for some fun.
I woke the next morning I looked over to see her sleeping soundly. I got up, had some coffee, and headed out to weed a flower garden. She had told me the other day she wanted to get it done early and we could go out for some fun. I missed it last night, I was going to do what I could have my fun today.
When I was just about done she came out with coffee in hand and in just a long tee shirt, her hair was a mess and she looked tired, but still sexy.
I asked her if she had fun? Yes, but drank way too much,
I asked her if she still was up to going out today, or maybe just stay home and relax? Give me a little time and I will get ready and we can go. It will be better to get some fresh air and have fun doing it.
We had been out for a while and she was feeling much better, we sat to have a drink in a little town outside overlooking the river. I told her how nice her outfit was and I'm glad she was feeling better. It looked like she had something on her mind, What are you thinking about? She started with you know I love you right? That's not a good start, are you ok? Not really.
What do you want to tell me? I am just going to say it, I lost a bet last night and to pay my bet I had to give a stranger a blowjob.
Wow, She said she was sorry, she knew it was not a good idea to drink that much with them, But I did and that's is what I did.
I thought for a minute, and asked her if she thought she might be temped to do something like that again? No. What are you thinking? I think we have been married 8 years, and that I love you, and you are my best friend, and you look hot as hell. I am hoping you will let me take you later, but before that I would like to stop at the liqure store and get a bottle of wine, and if you would be so kind to take off your bra when we leave here, I know your blouse is a little shear but you are just so good to look at.
She did and I had all I wanted when we got home.

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  • What, no details on what the actual bet was, or giving the stranger the bj?

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