Finally a site that is turning pedo's in

I have been on a certain large chat site for years. Pedo's stop in and start the stuff they always do. Yesterday when I logged on there was a big warning banner at the the top of the page the site would turn in all your information to the authorities. The site owner himself was logged in and posted he was sick of it and posted the 1st example of someone arrested.

It was a mug shot and story from a Florida Sheriff's Dept of a dude arrested that was turned in by the site after an investigation. They confiscated the guys computer equipment as well for further forensic analysis.

Evidently some pedo's aren't real smart thinking the chat site can't see private chats and then bang a red banner appears kicking pedo guy from the site and the owner posted he is turning this guy in. It's about time. I suggest not talking to them or you could be linked to it as well.

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  • I would like to see more get caught as well. But unless pictures were posted as proof I doubt that the authorities can do anything. Not sure what site you were on but writing some bull shit fantasy/confession on these sites doesn't constitut any actual proof.

  • Police departments have people looking for internet crime. Anything posted on the internet can be scrutinized. Even without leaving posts, viewing habits, sites visited, political tendencies, etc. are all available and are no doubt catalogued if there is any basis for interest, and not impossibly even if there isn't.

    But yeah, where pedos are concerned -- throw the book at them.

  • I hope they keep doing so. check out my relatives over in norfolk. she is a pedo and hiding a pedo. her kids are pedos, her dad and mum are pedos. someone has to get them soon.

  • Look in llanbradach Wales plenty there even in my st

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