Wife's admission and fantasy

So my wife has a growing collection of dildos and vibrators. Even has a shelf in the walk in closet for them. When I met her, she had 3 dildos and 3 vibrators. All different shapes. We were in a sex shop. She wanted to get some lube. We were looking around. She saw a strap on harness and dildo. She said, "I loved this." I said, "You don't have that." She said, "Not anymore." I said, "What would you need a strap on for?" She said, "I wasn't always as straight as I am now." I said, "You never told me that." She said, "You never asked. I was pretty much a lesbian my last year of high school and first year of college. Decided to give it another shot after I divorced mark. You know Carrie?" I said, "Well, of course. She comes over fairly often." She said, "We've had sex quite a bit in the past." I said, "You haven't recently?" She said, "I haven't cheated on you if that's what you're asking. She still wants to. I told her I wanted to be faithful. Anyway, you ought to let me use this." I said, "On Carrie?" She said, "No. On you." I said, "You want to..." She said, "Get you on your knees and fuck you in the ass. It would be hot."

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  • Oh, your suppose to ask your husband before having sex with a girlfriend? I never have, I consider it therapy with a great orgasm for both of us. We shower together after our workouts, we drink wine together during the day or lay out and tan on her patio because it is totally secluded. Although I lay out on mine occasionally just to watch the boy behind us get all excited watching me.

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