Running a train

Ladies who have had a train ran on them. How did it occur? How many guys, and would you do it again?

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  • I was invited to a party our neighbors were having on Saturday starting around 4 and was told to bring your swim suit because it was going to be a pool party. I was 19 and the only swim suit I had was the one I sun bathed in a string bikini quite small to say the least and never let anyone see me in it other than my sister.
    Well Saturday morning came and went and it was like 100 out so I put my swim suit on beneath my skirt and blouse and went over to the neighbors at three and started to sip the drink he brought me sitting in the Jacuzzi letting the bubbles take me away one jet I was almost sitting on started in making me have mini orgasms and the next thing I know my bottoms are untied and the jet really starts getting to me three little orgasms and one massive one and Lars noticed and asked if I wanted another drink I said yes but a little stronger I said he brought it to me in a bigger glass and it tasted a bit bitter and asked him what it was and he said something to make you relax and told me how beautiful L looked in my bikini and I thanked him forgetting about my bottoms being untied. He then told me I might get more than I wanted when the others got her I said no matter he brought me another drink and left it on the side of the Jacuzzi and disappeared and I continued to let the jet take me away to la la land.

  • It was in college, I was very drunk and would not do it again. There was a guy I liked, he was hot and tall and athletic. I just met him that night at a party and we danced and made out and he was going to leave, I told him I wanted him. He told me to go with him, so I did. We got to another party where I didn’t know anyone. We were drinking and I ended up throwing up on my shirt. He took it off of me and took me to a living room and took off all of my clothes and we had sex on a sofa while other people were in the room. He finished and said who’s next and another guy got on me. I was naked and my clothes were gone and I was very drunk. Other guys felt me up, and more had sex with me, I really don’t remember how many more but more than four for sure. I was turned around at one point and different guys got on me without me seeing them. I stayed there overnight and having sex with multiple guys. I woke up in the morning and someone had put a towel on me to cover me up. The hot guy was gone and the house was lived in by a group of guys who rented it. They were nice, and one guy gave me some of his clothes to wear and made me breakfast then drove me home.

  • The blame train is everywhere.

  • Last week end 9 guys ran a train on me for three nights and 2 days, I don't know how many times I was fucked but it was a lot, got doubled, trippled, spit roasted in fact they really made me feel like I was theirs.

    Jerry's Birthday is this Saturday and I have been invited to his party and yes I am going, looking forward to it.

  • My husband gets me drunk and lets his friends take turns with me he's been doing this to me since high school, says it's the reason he married me.

  • When I was 18 it wasn't intended to happen but it did and 11 well hung guys ran a train on me at a party which only one other girl was invited to come to but didn't show up for one reason or another but after smoking a shared joint hands were all over my body and my cloths removed leaving me totally naked and I was asked to give a pole dance which I did and got more and more turned on by looking at the results of my dances in the way of huge hard cocks hanging in front of all these guys.

    This all started on Friday evening went thru all day Saturday till late at night and Sunday till about three in the afternoon, yes all 11 guys had me over and over several times each for the two days and god I was so sore from all the fucking I received but I would do it again, but I think 11 is actually to many, but still if invited back I would do it again.

  • So would I hun. Last summer it happened to me but 17 guys in one evening was to many, I was sore for four days.
    again? yes but with fewer guys.

  • When the wife was fifteen some black guys got her drunk and seven took turns on her, most twice. a couple three times. I am glad it happened.

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