Wife Cuckolds Me

People think people over 70 lose interest in sexual activity and they get interested in other activities. Well this senior couple still enjoys sexual play. I don't have the stamina like I use to have but my dick gets hard if I get turned on being in some kind of sexual play.
I let my wife cuckold me a few times but the guys really didn't satisfy her too well until we convinced and talked to my step daughters partner. I wouldn't mind seeing my step daughter naked. She has big sexy thighs, but letting her know her partner is cheating on her by fucking and playing around with her mother would probably freak her out. Jon is in his early 50's and has an endowment. No wonder my step daughter latched on to him.
It started when Jon was over here helping us out. Deb, my wife. started to get touchy feely with him. He seem to ignore the signals she was trying to give him until my wife and I sat in our spa naked. He watched me play with Deb's nipples and we waved him to him telling him join us and enjoy the spa, his boner won't upset us. He undressed and he had a good size boner. He got in and Deb quickly grabbed his cock. He in turn started to finger her snatch. She got up on the edge of the spa, spread her legs apart and said to Jon, "Eat me!" I watched him eat her. It got me hard. We got out of the spa and Deb went done on his rod, while he was on the lounge chair. "Did you teach your daughter how to suck cock." and laughed jokingly. He was surprise how deep in her mouth she took it. "Now lets see how much stamina you have for your future mother-in-law if you decide to marry my daughter."
Deb spread out on the lounge chair while Jon began to fuck her. I watched. He kept pounding her, making my cock really hard, that I got Deb to stroke it for me. We all looked at each other and smiled.
Deb started going over to her daughters and sneak a quickie whenever she had the chance. Jon would come over here to satisfy Deb for me. He's our sex machine. Deb's pussy really loosened up and I jokingly tell her that a horse can fit in there now and she laughed.

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  • Why don't you get the Blue Pill and fuck her yourself. I'm 70 and can do a 5 minute quickly, no problem. But for a home alone rainy day in bed I cut a BP in half (not recommend but doing if for years) - a whole one I hammer nails with it. Deb's pussy only temporarily enlarges for large penis. Fact.
    Get a physical and BP, the generic is just as good and cheap.

  • Nice story I'd love to play with you both

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