Caught wife

My wife is 35 years old and has had two kids but still looks great! We have a great sex live and never any complaints for her.
I was able to leave work early one day and when I got home I found her in bed getting pounded by a young kid that was hung like a horse. I just stood there watching them until she seen me standing there, she got up and said she couldn't help herself because of his size. I'm not hung like a horse but I do have right at 8".
This guy must have at least a 11" Dick that was balls deep in her.
I might have understood her wanting to try a huge Dick if she would have said something but doing it behind my back, I don't know if I can.
I moved in with my brother and told him about it and he's said to dump the slut and move on but I have my two girls to think of also.
I still have feelings for her but I just don't know if I can let it go!

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  • I’d say you’re a lucky guy, I’ve been asking my wife to fuck other guys for a couple years. She’s 30 and incredibly gorgeous, I just wish she was more of a slut!

  • A lot of guys would think that it now I do got any pussy from her! She is fucking her big cock friend just about every day! So she is going to pack her things or she is going to give me some pussy. I feel I have been more than fair with her but she doesn't want anything to do with me so it give me the pussy or get the fuck out!

  • Caught my wife cheating, now I make her fuck black men that I set her up with.

  • Most wives are not going to ask their husband if they can fuck someone on the side. If you feel it's an isolated incident, forgive her for the kids sake and the marriage.

  • I don't know if it is or not, she said she really enjoyed having him inside her so my gut feeling is she will do it again and again

  • Get yourself a hot 18 year old to fuck and see how you feel about your wife afterwards.Similar thing happened between me and my wife.

  • What? I get wanting a big dick, but how did she meet this guy?

  • I have no idea how they met

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