Im a guy and my best friend asked for a bj

Super long story short . my buddy and i were both 19 ,at his house ,nobody else there ,he went in for shower,came back in his room where i was hanging out ,and said dude,,Im horny as a mutherfucker,dropped his towel ,and said dude give me a bj,,i wont tell anyone .. .Ive know him since 1 st grade , and he always kept a secret,,, I said there shocked for a second ,, he walked up to where i was sitting,,and for some unknown reason,I grabbed his cock,,it was hard , and sucked him until he blew his load which i swallowed no problem.
no .on occasion, ill blow him .. he never returned favor ... Ive never told this yo anyone

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  • Had an experience like this but different. I was 14 or 15 and one night my best friend made a bet about something I knew I'd win. An he said if I won he'd suck my dick. I took it like if someone says I'll kiss your ass. Just a figure of speech. I won and just laughed and told him to pucker up. That seemed to be it until we got in bed that night and as usual only had our underwear on. And he says he guessed it was time to pay off on our bet. And before I can say a word I feel his hand in my underwear and he's got his hand on my cock, which is quickly getting hard.

    I just laid there and soon he has my underwear off and is sucking me off. He comments on how big it is and how he'd been wanting so suck it for a long time. Before long I empty my balls into his mouth and he swallows every drop. After that every time he spent the night which was once or twice a week he without a word from either of us would suck my cock. I'd gotten to the point I'd take my underwear off before I got in bed. This went on until we were in our 20's But when we got married it slowed down. But when we'd go out of town camping or to sporting events. As soon as the lights went out without a word he'd suck my cock for me. And we never talked about it. It stopped once he'd moved out of town. But I must admit he gave great head. But last I heard he had three kids and was doing great.

  • I tasted my first cock at an early age. I’m Hispanic and my friend was white. He admired my cock and I admired his. We touched each other’s when I decided to suck his. He came in my mouth and it was my first taste of cum. Ever since I’ve wanted to try another white cock. I’ve even admitted to my wife and she’s admitted she wishes she gave more attention to cock sucking than she did when younger

  • It happens. I grew up knowing my best friend from the age of 4 to 23. When we were both 15, we were in my room chilling after being in the pool for a while. I had my right hand down my shorts playing with my dick and balls while we watched TV. He was sitting to the right of me and started laughing. I asked what was funny and he replied that i looked funny playing with myself in front of him. So I told him dude I've known you longer and better than anyone else, we've taken showers together when we are in a hurry, i'm not embarrassed to play with my balls around you. We started to laugh out loud and he slid over and ran his hand up my shorts leg opening, grabbed my cock and said "then you wont mind if i do this?" He started jerking me off. I just froze and was looking straight at his face as he did it. He looked away from me and pulled my cock out and proceeded to suck on it. He sucked until i came in his mouth and started to laugh. After that day he would randomly just give my blowjobs. We both had girlfriends as we grew up and went to college but he never stopped giving me random head. After college we went our separate ways and haven't spoken much since.

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