Telling the wife my fantasy

My wife has always said she is super traditional as far as sex goes. She's with me and she loves having sex with me and that she doesn't think she could cheat.

One night we are both horny. She starts playing with my cock. She says she wants to have sex but wants me to warm her up first. I ask how she wanted me to warm her up. She said, "You can eat my pussy. You know I love that." So I'm going down on her because I love eating pussy. While I'm doing it she says, "You know what would be hot?" I say, "Whats that?" She said, "A threesome." I said, "Oh yeah? Another guy or another girl?" She said, "Oh, another guy for sure. I don't think I could eat pussy. I mean, I'd definitely let another woman eat me out but that's about that." I said, "So, another guy. What all would be done?" She said, "Depends on you." I said, "How so?" She said, "What you'd let me do." I said, "Well, wouldn't be fun if there was restrictions." She said, "I'd want to suck the other guys dick while you fuck me. Have him fuck me while you lick my clit or my asshole." I said, "What about anal?" Keep in mind she's always said either no or not right now to anal before. She said, "Like dp? I might like a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time." I said, "Condoms?" She said, "No condoms. Don't like them." I said, "So where would he cum?" She said, "I'd either swallow it, or in my pussy or ass."

Now by this point I'm horny as hell. I said, "What If I wasn't apart of it?" She said, "Me fuck another guy without you being involved?" I said, "I kinda think it would be hot to watch you fuck another guy." She said, "If you're ok with it, I'm ok with it."

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  • I’d go for it if you are serious. Your chance to put up or shut up. I think she’s ready for another cock. Ask her for more details. Do you think she wants a close friend or some guy she knows?
    Ask her if she wants him younger or older. Black or white. Let us know

  • Do it, just not with someone either of you know

  • Super traditional, huh? Sounds like make believe.

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