Best friend

I'm a fit, black hair white 22 year old female in college. I got this black friend named jermaine. He is a shy type who is between 250 and 300 pounds. But he is very funny. We are always hanging out, going to get something to eat, watch movies together. We study together since we have classes together.

For months I seen him struggle trying to get a girlfriend. He tried so many times. He even tried outside his race to get a girl. He would get a date but then girls would stop talking to him. He gets depressed. He tells me all the time he is so stressed and frustrated and sexually frustrated.
One day we were hanging together listening to music he tells me he got shot down by another girl. I really felt sorry for him to have to hear that again.

So before he was ready to leave that night, I grabbed him turned him around and started making out with him. He didnt resist. It was first time I ever kissed a black man. I have always been attracted to white guys. We continue to kiss as he has a tight grip with his hands on my ass. I begin to move my hand down to his pants and start rubbing his dick. After few minutes We move over closer to my bed. I see the excited look on his face as We start taking off our clothes. I was left with only my thong on and he had his boxers on. We lay in bed and kiss.
I then move my hand back down to his dick and start rubbing while he had his boxers on. I start to feel him be really hard. I was ready to start sucking him, I slowly kiss down his body bring my hands up to his boxers as I begin to pull them down and off.
He wasn't very big, he was maybe 6 inches hard but he had a very thick/fat dick with a large black head. So I start sucking him off. I do this tongue swirl around the head of his dick and he was going crazy and loving that. I even started to deep throat while sucking him. Finally I was ready to fuck him. I slip off my thong, I go back up to him and kiss him for a little bit while stroking his dick mainly rubbing the head.
I had butterflies in my stomach as I was about to take my first black dick. I go back down to give a quick suck then I hopped on his dick as it slid right inside me . I rode him for about 5 mins then he shouted that he is going to cum. So I quick hopped off sucked his dick till he came in my mouth. He was so relieved and enjoyed the expierence. We are still friends and once in awhile I'll surprise him with a quickly to relieve his stress.


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  • Blah blah blah Another white girl fantasy sucking on the black guys dick

  • Your a cool girl.

  • Ughhhhhhhhh. Ok

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